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The Hoot Welfare Society is a non-profit organization with a chartered vision of supporting and nurturing meaningful communication through interdisciplinary social and cultural projects. We provide opportunities for creativity and community-based innovation and aim for collective impact with each project.
Society is opening the “Call for Blogs” opportunity on the theme mentioned below to deliver unique views on a particular field of law. Students pursuing law from any university are welcome to submit their blogs.


The theme for the blog is “INDIA- A JOURNEY FROM FREE TO PARTLY FREE.” India has always been a supporter of democracy and its ethics. But recently, in Freedom House’s Freedom in World Report, India has not been seen as democratic what it used to be before. Law always remains the core aspect of how a country governs and in India’s changing conditions; various paradigms need re-evaluation in light of recent activities.

The listed sub-themes are not exhaustive, and the authors are open to including any aspect which relates to the theme.
● Majoritarian democracy and human rights
● Political Fallibility and violence
● Human Rights of farmers and agricultural sector
● The policies affecting the Muslim population in India
● Colonial-era sedition laws and Freedom of Speech
● Freedom of institutions
● The handshake of Media and Politics in India
● Electoral Process: A farse in disguise

● Word limit: 1000-1500 (exclusive of endnotes)
● Body Font: Times New Roman, Size-12 (line spacing- 1.5)
● Citation method: Bluebook 20th edition or OSCOLA.
● Only endnotes are allowed. (No Footnotes)
● While citing a website, add a hyperlink.
● Maximum two co-authors are allowed.
● The text should be justified.
● Plagiarism must not exceed 15% in any case.
● Submit the blog to [email protected] with the subject: CALL FOR BLOGS-2021 and file name should be the title of your article.
● The submission must accompany a cover letter mentioning the details of the author(s) including their mobile number.
Note: Non-adherence to any of the submission guidelines mentioned above will lead to the rejection of the submission.

There are no registration fees.

● All the submissions must reach by 30th April, 2021 on or before 11:59 PM. Late submissions will not be considered for publication process.

● For any further queries contact Chief Student Editor, [email protected]
● Web:


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