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About the Praxis Education Trust

The Praxis Education Trust is dedicated to working towards breaking the current shackles of the current education system, enabling young individuals to develop holistically, and further facilitating their personal, social and educational development. One of the missions of Praxis is to generate a sense of responsibility and ownership among the young generation for the actions they undertake and to develop their citizenship and involvement in their communities, and thereby promote the democratic process at their level of engagement within their communities.

Pursuant to its vision, Praxis launched The Social Chronicle, a blog dedicated to acting as a platform for discourse and deliberation on Socio-Economic Issues, Public Policy with emphasis on possible solutions, and Law and Society. The blog is geared towards the objective of disseminating relevant and responsible information on Socio-Economic, Legal and Public Policy issues, with the hope that it sparks a deliberation among the citizenry which culminates in possible solutions to tackle these contemporary issues.


The Social Chronicle welcomes all articles which focus on or have an interplay with contemporary societal issues, including recent developments and novel ideas, on the following themes:

  • Socio-Economic-Political Issues
  • Public Policy
  • Law and Society

Submission Guidelines

  1. If you would like to contribute to The Social Chronicle Blog, we would be thrilled to receive your submissions. Please submit your manuscripts through the following link-: Please ensure that you fill in all the details correctly and accurately.
  2. Submissions that are contemporary in nature are generally accepted. However, we accept the submission on older topics as well which re-introduces the topic with new perspectives and ideas.
  3. The submissions for the blog should be original and unpublished work not exceeding 2000 words. However, flexibility is allowed if the content is so required and the quality is maintained. The Editorial Board may deem fit to convert certain long articles into multiple part blog series in order to retain the quality and depth of the article(s).
  4. The authors are expected to ensure that the text of the submission is in Times New Roman, Justified Text-alignment, and the size of the font is 12 with line spacing of 1.5. In case, endnotes are present in the submission, the same shall be in Times New Roman, font size 10 and line spacing of 1.0.
  5. The Social Chronicle Blog is now accepting submissions using the BlueBook 20th edition method of citation. Please use endnotes instead of footnotes.
  6. The Editorial Board reserves the rights to accept and reject the submissions at any stage of the review process. The Editorial Board will endeavour to complete the review process within a period of 14 days from the receipt of acknowledgement of the submission. The Editorial Board shall try its best to provide a personalised review to all the authors for their submissions, in case of rejection, but is not bound to do so.

Detailed Submission guidelines can be found here.

Contact Info

Email ID: [email protected]

Important Links

The website of The Social Chronicle is available here.

For full details of The Social Chronicle, click here.


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