Call for Interns F.Y. 2021-2022: Applications Open at Black Robes Legal, Delhi

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About the Organization

M/s. Black Robes Legal is a law firm registered under the Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises Development (MSMED) Act, 2006 (as amended from time to time and as in force) for the purpose of rendering structured commercial and pro-bono professional legal services, aid and assistance in the areas of Criminal Laws, Transparency Laws, Labour-Service Laws, Arbitration & Mediation, Consumer Laws, Policy Advisory besides others. The firm is organized and comprised of divisions viz. Dispute Resolution & Legal Affairs, Policy Advocacy & Advisory and Recruitment & Programme Affairs, which are manned by seasoned professionals.

About the Programme

The candidate may be engaged in any or all of the following areas:

  1. Criminal Laws and matters related therewith;
  2. Right to Information/Transparency Laws;
  3. Consumer and Education Laws;
  4. Employment and Labour Laws (including POSH);
  5. Petitions (Applications, Complaints and Representations);
  6. Human Rights Law & Legal Aid, Assistance and Awareness;
  7. Research and Drafting White Papers and Briefs/Synopsis;
  8. Other areas of practice, subject to competence and interest.

Number of Interns Required

5 (Five) Interns every calendar month, with period of engagement being 4 (Four) weeks starting w.e.f. 7th day of every such calendar month and ending on 6th day of the succeeding month.


Work From Home (Remote/Virtual Internship)

Who can apply?

The candidate should be pursuing any domain specific, graduate or post-graduate, academic or professional course, in Law or Legal Studies, irrespective of the year of study and of the nomenclature of the course, provided the educational institution and the course being run is duly recognized/approved by the appropriate
government and/or the regulatory authorities.


Since the engagement of an intern remains primarily a training in essence in virtual mode, no stipend in monetary terms is paid to any intern.

Duration of internship

4 weeks

Application Procedure

Interested candidate(s) should apply immediately and follow the steps delineated herein below:

  1. Visit the website https://www.blackrobeslegal.compreferably on desktop/laptop or otherwise in ‘Desktop Mode’ for better viewing experience and technical compatibility, or otherwise the firm’s LinkedIn account available at specific weblink
  2. Access the Careers Page (2021-2022) on the said website or otherwise the Posts Section/Updates on the LinkedIn account, locate and download the two (2) files available in MS-Word file format and named as Part_BRL_21-22 and Assign_BRL_21-22.
  3. Fill and/or Attempt the files and save the same, in accordance with the instructions contained in the said files.
  4. Prepare or otherwise secure updated and latest Curriculum Vitae/Resume in pdf file format.
  5. Prepare a cover letter, in maximum 500 words to be contained in the body of the email or submission box available in the form on the Careers Page of the website.

Submit the completed files i.e. Part_BRL, Assign_BRL, Curriculum
Vitae/Resume with Cover Letter through the form made available on Careers Page of website or in case of failure through such means or otherwise as may be preferred, send the same via email only with Subject Line ‘Application: Call For Interns_F.Y. 2021-2022_Your Full Name’ to the email address [email protected] and not otherwise in any manner whatsoever. No queries shall be entertained and the candidate is at liberty to make the best judgement to ensure substantive compliance.

  1. Official Notification

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Careers Page – Official Website

  • Part_BRL_21-22

  • Assign_BRL_21-22


  1. The present call for applications is an equal opportunity measure which is gender neutral.
  2. The selection shall consider overall personality including parameters of active intelligence, general behavior to legal/policy issues, passion for change and others.
  3. The candidates may be assessed on the basis of written assignment and/or personal interview, as the case may be.
  4. The Intern, shall primarily be engaged to work remotely.
  5. The positions are unpaid and other terms of engagement shall be shared and agreed upon after selection and confirmation made thereof.
  6. The applications shall be processed on First-in-First-Out (FIFO) method/basis.
  7. The interns who have worked with the firm in the past are ineligible to re-apply.
  8. The applications for F.Y. 2020-21 stands closed herewith.

Contact Information

M/s. Black Robes Legal

(Advocates, Advisors and Consultants)

Regd. Office:   Block – B, No. 10, II Floor, Karam Pura

                          P.S. Moti Nagar, P.O. Ramesh Nagar H.O.

                          District West, NCT of Delhi – 110015 India

Email Id:          [email protected]
Landline No.:  +9111-41-751582

Mobile No.:    +91-9582-751582


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