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About the Organiser

Global Sports Policy Review (ISSN (O): 2582-8886) is the first of its kind multidisciplinary online sports journal which combines articles addressing the overall sports curriculum and sports policy matters which revolve around trending sports-related issues of the era, starting from legal and administrative policies to all other sports-related affairs across other disciplines. This online journal is the outcome of an individual community. It is a peer-reviewed journal and is backed by a strong advisory and editorial board, together with professional business staff and independent overseers, who are responsible for carrying out day-to-day operations in the field of global sports.  We pride ourselves in accepting research articles from all divisions of scholarly society, as well as Students and Sports Enthusiasts.

Manuscript Submission Guidelines

We accept submissions on different topics related to sports and encourage the authors to adopt a multi-disciplinary approach to their research.  Once the abstract is submitted, the said abstract will be reviewed by our Editorial Board. If the abstract is selected, the author will be intimated and invited to submit the full paper within the deadline mentioned below. The general guidelines are mentioned hereafter:

Registration/Publication Fee: N/A

Last date of submission of abstract: 22 June 2021

Last date of submission of final paper: 22 August 2021

Abstract: 250 words max. with max. 5 keywords 

Final paper: 3000 – 6000 words

Citation Style: OSCOLA format (4th Edition)

General Formatting Guidelines:

  1. Font Style: Times New Roman
  2. Main Title: 16, Bold
  3. Heading: 14, Bold
  4. Subheading: 12, Bold
  5. Body Text: 12.
  6. Spacing: 1.5
  7. Footnotes: 10, Times New Roman
  8. Margin: 2.54 inch (Top, Bottom, Right, Left)
  9. Alignment: Justified
  10. Page must not have borders 
  11. Please mention the page number on the bottom right corner

Other General Guidelines

  1. Co-authorship of a maximum of 2 authors is permitted.
  2. Scholarly References and Primary Reference are compulsory. Any statistical data, fact or any other informative text when being used, need to have references to it in the form of footnotes/bibliography/webliography. References should be authentic to be reliable.
  3. The use of tables in the paper is usually not suggested, but if it is imperative to use a table, then the author(s) may.
  4. Submissions that are plagiarised to a level of more than 15% will not be accepted.
  5. Kindly do not mention your name or any other credential in the paper. 
  6. Ensure that the final paper has the abstract attached to it.

In case you have a query regarding submissions, feel free to mail us at [email protected].

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