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Law Colloquy Journal of Legal Studies (LCJLS) is a peer-reviewed journal , and no manuscript will be finally accepted for publication until it has completed the peer review process, including rewriting by the author(s) to satisfy peer review comments, under the direction of the Editor-in-Chief.

Certificate of publication

Certificate for publication will be provided for your blog post.


Law Colloquy Journal of Legal Studies (LCJLS) promotes submissions on a wide range of topics, based on analysing legal and contemporary issues, policy decisions, case studies, proposing/recommending legislative reforms or judgement analysis.

Submission Guidelines

Kindly follow the submission process as follows:

  • Register yourself at our official website
  • Go to your account and select add paper.
  • Read carefully and follow all the necessary instructions mentioned for submission on the page.
  • Upload cover letter (title of the manuscript, name, designation, email id, mobile number (WhatsApp) and institution/affiliation of the author(s)/contributor(s)).
  • Write keywords (3-5 words)
  • Upload Abstract (300 words)
  • Upload paper(4000-8000, excluding references)
  • All submission should be in an electronic form in the word document only in in an editable file format (i.e. not PDF).
  • It should be processed in MS Office 2007 onwards.
  • Authors are requested to adhere to the word limit.
  • Submissions must be original. By submitting the manuscript, the author undertakes that it has not been submitted, accepted or published elsewhere.
  • The maximum number of co-authors permitted is two. If there are multiple corresponding authors then one should be nominated for communication with the editorial board.
  • All submissions should be attached with a cover letter mentioning the title of the paper, name, designation, email id, mobile number(WhatsApp), and institution/affiliation of the author. Failure to submit full information would result in outright rejection of the submission.
  • The author(s) must not mention their name or any information disclosing their identity in the manuscript. This is required to ensure a fair reviewing process. Information about the author(s) shall ONLY be mentioned in the covering letter.
  • The decision on the acceptance of the manuscript for publication shall be of the editorial board which is final.
  • The decision of acceptance will be communicated to the contributor within four-five weeks of receiving of the submission.
  • You may submit your manuscript on the website (preferred). If you have any problem you may submit through mail also, on [email protected]


  • Submitting the same manuscript in more than one journal in parallel is unethical and unacceptable.
  • All submitted papers are run on the anti-plagiarism software, so the author(s) must make sure that all submission should be plagiarism free.
  • Merely changing the language of another author amounts to plagiarism. Kindly give due credit to the original source/author(s), whenever necessary.
  • The author(s) has to cover the risk of being sued for copyright, defamation or contempt and have to agree to suffer the losses if caused by violating copyright or other rights.
  • Author(s) must not manipulate, falsify or misrepresent data or the findings.
  • The author(s) shall bear full responsibility to ensure that, the manuscript submitted does not contain any material that is subject to copyright or ownership rights.
  • Illustrations and other materials having source from other publications must be properly credited.
  • The employment of previously published figures/illustrations/images etc. in the manuscript submitted implies that, the author has already obtained needful written permission from the copyright/ownership holder.
  • Submission of manuscript for its consideration of publication implies that the manuscript is free from any kind of conflicts/irregularities including those discussed above.


  • The copyright in all articles would vest in Law Colloquy Journal of Legal Studies (LCJLS).
  • A declaration and copyright transfer form will be provided after the acceptance of the manuscript to facilitate the transfer of copyright.
  • A duly completed and signed aforesaid form, should be submitted to the journal publication and management Team, within 48 hours (through a scanned image/ fax transmission/ email) of the receipt of finally accepted (revised, if any) manuscript for proof -reading by the author(s).
  • Your manuscript will be kept on hold for inclusion in the targeted issue of the Journal, if we do not receive duly completed aforesaid form timely.
  • If the manuscript is accepted for publication in the Journal it will not be published elsewhere .
  • It is also mandatory that it was neither been previously published nor is under consideration for publication anywhere.

Necessary Requirements:

  • Cover letter (Name, designation, institution, place, contact number, email id)
  • Author’s declaration
  • Abstract (300 words)
  • Keywords ( 5-8 only)
  • Paper (4000-8000, excluding references)
  • Conflict of interest (The authors have no conflicts of interest to declare that are relevant to the content of this article.)
  • Copyright form (after selection)

Paper style :

The manuscript submitted by the author(s) must adhere to the following style:

  • The manuscript submitted must be in Times New Roman.
  • Margin normal.
  • The line spacing must be 1.5.
  • The font-size:
    • Title – 16, (Bold)
    • Headings -14, (Bold)
    • Sub-Heading- 12, (Bold)
    • Main Body – 11.
  • The text should be justified.
  • Dates should be mentioned in the format DD/MM/YYYY.
  • Months should be written in abbreviated forms: Jan., Feb., Mar., Apr., May, June, July, Aug., Sept., Oct., Nov., Dec.
  • Every foreign word should be in written in Italics.

Figures and Tables

  • Figures/tables/flow charts should be chosen carefully are clear, easy to read, and of the best possible quality.
  • A common image format for figures (e.g. pdf, eps, gif, tif, jpg) should be used.  
  • Figure should be written as ‘Fig’ following number. Similarly tables, charts and photos should be numbered.

Article/paper format:

Abstract (300 words) Keywords in italics (3-5) Introduction

Research methodology

Main body (including sub-headings)

Figures, tables and photos should be carefully chosen which can enhance the quality of the paper.

We encourage you to prepare figures that are clear, easy to read, and of the best possible quality. A common image format for figures (e.g. pdf, eps, gif, tif, jpg) should be used.

Figure should be written as ‘Fig’ following number. Similarly tables, charts and photos should be numbered.

Discussions/findings Conclusion and suggestions

Word limits (4000-8000, excluding references) Reference list (No Footnotes)

Citation and references:

Law Colloquy has formulated a set pattern of citation and reference. Author(s)/Contributors are required to follow this pattern. Failure of this will amount to rejection of the manuscript.

We follow the Harvard reference style. Go through the citation details. The link below:


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