Case Analysis: Google India Pvt Ltd. v. Vishaka Industries [AIR 2020 SC 350]

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About the Event

Case law analysis is the study of cases decided by the courts of law and drawing conclusions on how the courts apply and interpret the laws in force and other norms to come to a conclusion. It is also an analysis conducted to highlight the importance of the judgement.

The main objective of this case analysis event is the interpretation and explanation of the statutes concerned and recognition of legal principles implemented by the court in the landmark case of Google India Pvt Ltd v. Vishakha Industries and Anr. [AIR 2020 SC 350], for making the issues of law discussed and settled, in this case, access to the participants. The stages went through and the arguments put forward by the counsels will also be discussed for a better understanding of the case.

Event Date & Time: February 28, 2021 (12 PM, IST)

Relevance and Importance of the Case

The Supreme Court of India, in this case of Google India Pvt Ltd v Vishakha Industries and Anr. [AIR 2020 SC 350], in a landmark move, pronounced that the intermediaries cannot claim protection from defamation under Section 79 of the Information Technology Act, 2000 (IT Act).

About the Speaker

Dr Kajori Bhatnagar specializes in IPR and Cyber Laws from ILI Delhi and Asian School of Cyber Laws and obtained her Masters of Law in Human Rights from National Law School India University. She then pursued a specialization in Advanced Entrepreneurship Management and Corporate Laws from Gujarat National Law University. She has worked as an Assistant Professor and research scholar at Punjab University and presently working as an Asst. Professor at Christ University, Bengaluru.
She has experience as an academician for over three years. She is a vehement promoter, propagator and follower of human rights.

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Case Analysis: Google India Pvt Ltd. v. Vishaka Industries [AIR 2020 SC 350] - The Law Communicants


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