Legalphile in collaboration with Legalify India is organizing “Debate Competition” Last Registration date – 19 November 2020

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Initiated by a group of like-minded law students we at LEGALPHILE wish to democratize legal education by making it more accessible. Our vision is to create a platform that integrates all the limbs of legal education together. We depend upon student fraternity for all such initiatives and hope to nurture young legal talent to the abilities we beat have.

The platform is intended for students, professionals, and law enthusiasts. We attempt to create linkages that focus on both the knowledge as well as the language of the law. It is our belief that legal knowledge can only be made accessible by creating better opportunities for learning, networking, and above all value-creation. Interesting enough, we achieve all of this and more, but only a little, in the law schools.

LEGALPHILE believes that the life of the law is outside; and, it is there that it intends to seek it as well. Our vision is not only to surpass the sky, neither do we intend to achieve escape velocity and leave our ground, rather we wish to make a difference; something which is dear to our hearts and something we believe in.


Legalify India is founded in July 2020. It is an organization that has been started with its cardinal motive to help Law students and the public ranging from diverse backgrounds to enhance their legal knowledge and help them to know their rights and duties so that they can make a decisive viewpoint towards society and the governing law. We will be dealing with legal news, updates, and comprehensive information which will flawlessly help you to keep your legal knowledge up to date.

Our main focus would be towards providing ambient and distinctive content to our readers over a wide spectrum of legal issues and laws like cyberlaw, media and entertainment law, environment law, ADR, and many additional fields. While designing this organization we kept every aspect in our mind, be it an article, blog or any news updates our utmost motive is to make this a one-stop destination for everyone who visits us.

Our Vision

To enrich our audience with sublime knowledge and updates and thus making them aware and acquainted with this capricious and ever-shifting society. We further aim to provide the students and scholars with a symbiotic podium over which they can showcase their talent and competence. We will act as a bridge between you and the audience by publishing your thoughts through articles, blogs, and research papers.

TOPIC – Relevance of Public Consultation in obtaining Environment Clearance

Registration Fees – 50/-


All the participants are requested to  adhere to the following guidelines

Round 1- Here, the participant has to coherently vacate his speech/opinion/stance within the  2 min time limit.

Round 2- This round is the rebuttal round. Each participant gets one and a half minute to place his/her rebuttals on the motion. This round is also an elimination round where the eliminations would be on the basis of individual candidate scores.

Round 3- This will be the last round of this competition. Here the participants would get a chance to interact and debate with the judges themselves. The time-limit per participant would be on the judge’s discretion as the participants articulate their points/stances.


1.     Last Registration date – 19 November 2020

2.     Competition date – 21 November 2020


1.    Cash Prize

2.    Certificate of Participation and Merit


PAYMENT NUMBER – Paytm/ Google Pay – 9140252620


1.     Damimi Sharma — 6005572042

2.     Sanidhya Kulshreshtha — 9352603383

Send your queries at – [email protected]


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