A Brief About Us

The Law Communicants is a legal tech platform for students and future lawyers. We will grow in numbers by creating a bridge between Students, Advocates and Academic scholars. The Law Communicants will also publish various articles, blogs and experiences of legal professionals. The aim is to create a platform where students can access various opportunities and choose what is best for them. The team works on connecting the events of different colleges to students and scholars sitting all over India.

Opportunities We Provide:

Internship: Different internships in different fields of law, like NGO, Firms, Practising advocates will help to explore more and create a path for you.

Blog: Any scholar, practitioner or student whoever wishes to write and publish a blog our portal is open for them. 

Call for Paper & Articles: Any institution conducting a call for paper and call for an article this is a place through which anyone can reach and grab the opportunity to get their work published.

Call for Chapter: Want your name as an author of a Chapter in a reputed book. On this platform, you will find a way to become one by reaching in.

Seminar & Webinar: An easy way to learn something you find interesting. Here you can attend as many seminars and webinars you want and expand your knowledge of your favourite subjects.

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