National Virtual Panel Discussion on changes that COVID 19 bought in the Judiciary system

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About School of Law, NMIMS Bangalore:

NMIMS School of Law provides an excellent legal education to inculcate a wide variety of legal skills useful for the legal profession and the corporate world.

Founded in 2018 by NMIMS University, one of the premier Deemed to be Universities in India, the programs offered in our law school have all qualities and niceties of the programs offered by the world-class Universities around the globe.

The Law School’s faculty members are well educated and experienced with various legal publications related to legal education in social justice. The most beneficial fact is that the NMIMS student body is rich in diversity, regardless of location, religion, sexual orientation, etc.

School of Law aspires to be a global center of academic excellence in law and justice and train outstanding and creative law practitioners with a socially responsible perspective through comprehensive legal education.

It is a law school with a global emphasis and international outreach dedicated to advancing human dignity, social and economic well-being, and justice through the knowledge of the law.

About the Centre of Excellence in Law and Technology:

The purpose of the Centre for Excellence in Law and Technology is that it seeks to establish the relationship between law and technology whose significance is undebatable, as the law must cope with technology in order to legitimise it. It organises guest lectures from eminent personalities, recognised and learned men of the society on technological law issues in order to address and discuss the issues related to law and technology and make better understanding. It conducts workshops on different aspects of law and technology combined together such as artificial intelligence, data privacy, legal startups and digitalisation in a very informative way. It undertakes to promote the hand in hand working of law and technology and to depict how both are required for one another for the smooth functioning of both the tech world and the judicial system of the country. The Committee also encourages to bend the profession towards adopting new technologies in this field. Voicing legal hearings and enabling digitalised access to the court helps to quicken the legal proceedings. Right to justice is a basic human right and visual hearings, online commencements, etc, which fall under court modernisation would increase access to justice. This could even lately serve the final adjudication of the case. All these significances are addressed in the Committee.

About the Panel Discussion:

At a time when a global pandemic has changed the way we live our lives, attend schools and colleges, work from home, etc., COE could not help but ponder upon the question of how the justice delivery has been, in this new normal, i.e., a digital mode of operation for most courts across the Nation, NMIMS School of Law, Bangalore, through COE brings to you all an exciting and engaging panel discussion on the topic: COVID-19, Technology & Access to Justice.

In this panel discussion, our panelists will speak about the judiciary’s global scenario while mainly focusing on the Indian aspect. Further, they will tell us their insights about the positives and challenges they face while adapting to the online operation mode.

Some of the broad topics to be covered will be:

  • Court’s Approach Amidst Covid-19: Global Scenario
  • COVID-19: Is Access to Justice lost?
  • Court Innovations and Access to Justice in Times of Crisis
  • Access to justice, dependent on access to technology
  • Access to technology, legal information, and creating awareness of individuals’ rights
  • Do online courts help deliver justice faster?

Our Panelists for the event are:

1) Abhinav Kumar Mishra- Founder of MyLawman,

Currently, he is an Associate Partner at Legal Crescent LLP and Senior Consultant at Lexplex. Apart from this, he is Visiting Lecturer at Indian Law Institute, Lloyd Law College, and Maharishi University for Cyber and I.P. law. He teaches and writes on Legal Theories in I.P., Digital Technology Law, and Human Rights. He advises Law firms and professionals for Law and Technology aspects. He is working on A.I. and Blockchain Tech Regulations through United Nations-mandated University for Peace, Costa Rica. He is also a Research Fellow at the Institute of Intellectual Property, Tokyo.

2) Ashok Venkateshmurthy- Partner at Factum Law

A dispute resolution counsel, Ashok represents clients in the food and beverages, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, technology, banking and financial services, real estate and construction, e-commerce, and hospitality areas, in domestic and international dispute resolution. His service areas cover contract violations, company law proceedings, prosecution under India’s Food Standards and Safety Act, 2006 and Prevention of Food Adulteration Act, and I.P. rights enforcement. Ashok also advises clients in the U.K., Singapore, India, and Switzerland on their global contractual requirements. He also assists clients in these jurisdictions for Investment funding, Intellectual Property, Protection and Enforcement, Telecommunication regulations, space law, Intellectual Property, Protection and Enforcement, and Licensing, space law, taxation, gender sensitivity and data privacy.

3) Rodney D. Ryder- Founding partner at Scriboard.

Rodney D. Ryder is a leading Technology, Intellectual Property, and corporate lawyer. Senior Partner, Intellectual Property, Technology, and I.T. at The Chambers: Advocates & Legal Consultants. He is also the founding partner at Scriboard. He is the author of Guide to Cyber Laws: The Information Technology Act, 2000, E-Commerce, Data Protection, and the Internet. He is presently Advisor to the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Government of India, on implementing the Information Technology Act, 2000. Mr. Ryder has been nominated as a ‘Leading Lawyer’ in intellectual property, technology, communications, and media law by Asia Law, “Who’sWhoLegal,” Asia Legal 500.

4) Aishwarya Todalbagi- Tech, Media and I.P. Lawyer

An alumna of Christ University, Aishwarya is a member of the ITechLaw Association and is currently enrolled with the Karnataka Bar Council.

5) Vijayant Singh- Senior associate at Ikigai Law

An alumnus of OP Jindal Global University

Our Moderator for the Event is:

Kaustabh Srivastava- Student of Ram Manohar Lohiya National Law University

Our Moderator for the event shares a deep interest in Dispute Resolution, Competition Law, Technology Law, and Insolvency & Restructuring Laws. He is the Producer and Host of The One Take Show Podcast, where he interviews Leaders and Luminaries of various professional backgrounds, producing conversations that add value to the listeners. He has also invested in multiple projects, Internships, and co-curricular activities like Moots, Negotiation-Mediation, Debates, etc., in order to learn the skills and chase his interest in the quoted subjects.

Event Details-

13th March 2021, 6:00 pm onwards.


Registration is free of cost and open to all the interested citizens of the country.  The link of the event will be mailed.

Last date to register is 13th March 2021, 6:00 pm.

To register, click on the link below-

Contact Details-

For any query and clarifications, kindly mail us at [email protected]

Faculty Coordinator:

Pritam Ghosh

E-mail ID: [email protected]

Student Coordinators:

1) Sakshi Kathuria: Convenor, COE

E-mail ID: [email protected]

Mobile No: 7274825892

2) Nandini Biswas: Deputy. Convenor, COE

E-mail ID: [email protected]

Mobile No: 9920646446


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