Niti Manthan Winter School and Online Research Internship Program, 2021

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About Niti Manthan

Niti Manthan is an initiative to motivate and inspire young students on various socio-legal themes and to guide them traverses the righteous path throughout the endeavour of their personal and professional lives. By having a direct interaction and by the exchange of views with experienced legal minds and researching, conceptualizing and correspondingly reporting according to the selected avenue given below.

The think tank, Niti Manthan currently functions in the areas of Research, Legal blogs, Internships, E-classes, Young Leaders for Legal Literacy Program, Research Centers on Medical and Health Law, Environmental Law, International Criminal Law & Psycho-Legal Studies, Workshops, Certificate Courses and Lecture Series.

About Winter Research Program

Over the past 2 years, Niti Manthan has successfully conducted Summer Research Programs with over 1000 students from all across the country. In 2020, online Internship programs were executed because the learning process had to continue. The experience of the interns can be viewed in this video: This shall be a non-paid research experience, with an aim to facilitate students with quality access and research skills. The project leads, who are mostly practising advocates, doctors, psychologists and scholars have engaged themselves for the project on a pro-bono basis.

The research projects being undertaken during Niti Manthan Winter School and Online Internship Program, 2021 would be under the following heads:

1. Sushruta: Public Health Federalism

Eligibility Criteria: A regular student or practising professional in the field of Law, Medicine, Public Health, Economics/Finance/Commerce.

Additional Selection Criteria: Submit your CV along with a Statement of Purpose (Max. 300 words submitted in the same document as the CV) for the first round of shortlisting followed by a group discussion interview round.

2. Refuge during IHL Violations

Eligibility Criteria: A regular student or practising professional in the field of Law, Human Rights, International Law.

3. Legal History and Criminal trials

Eligibility Criteria: A regular student or practising professional of law, history, sociology, political science.

4. IT laws, e-fraud and Cyber-Crimes

Eligibility Criteria: A regular student or practising professional of law, IT or related fields.

5. Frontend Developer/Coder

Eligibility: Student/professional who is comfortable working with normal front end tech stacks i.e. JS, CSS, HTML. Basic knowledge of Django would be appreciated.

Perks: There would a stipend based on performance and according to market standards. In addition, certificate and LOR would be provided. Learning from the industry experts would be an additional perk.

Application process: Along with your CV, in the same document attach a URL link of your sample work.

For more details about the projects, visit

Time Period: One month (Can be extended depending on the field of internship)

Mode of Work: Work from Home-Virtual Internship

Last Date of Application: 7th February 2021

Internship Start Date (Tentative): 15th February 2021

Perks: Apart from Certificate of internship & publication opportunity, the interns would have a hands-on experience on practical nuances of the law, working with team members from different parts of the country and exposure of empirical research.

Application process: Visit and complete the application form, or click at

For the first round of shortlisting, CV’s will be considered. It will be followed by a group discussion interview round.

The number of interns required: 2 interns

For any queries,

Contact: Architi Batra: +91 96437 20882

Madav Gawri : +91 87005 68976

or write to us at [email protected]


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