Research X: Online Internship Opportunity: Club Sierra at BML Munjal University and Niti Manthan

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Club Sierra at BML Munjal University has been instrumental in organizing major events in university since its inception. Sierra has always been known for the grandeur of its events engaging the student community. Major events organized by Sierra in the past few years are TedxBMU, Hult Prize, Sierra MUN, and Money Muffin. etc. 

Niti Manthan is an initiative to motivate and inspire young students on various socio-legal themes and to guide them traverses the righteous path throughout the endeavour of their personal and professional lives. By having a direct interaction and by the exchange of views with experienced legal minds and researching, conceptualizing and correspondingly reporting according to the selected avenue given below. Niti Manthan currently functions in the areas of legal blogs, internships, e-classes, Young Leaders for Legal Literacy Program, Research centres, certificate courses and lecture series.

About Research X: Online Internship Opportunity

Research X is an online internship opportunity for those students, NGOs, scholars and researchers who have great ideas to present to the world but lack the correct platform to get their project funded for groundwork or additional research. This opportunity is aimed at providing expert guidance to the candidates for their research and a chance to get bring their projects to life by getting the necessary funds.


  • Participants can apply as a team of 2-4 members.
  • Only selected teams will proceed with the programme based on their responses in the registration form.
  • The selected teams will select a research proposition under the provided themes.
  • The proposition should be directed towards a specific target area/section of the society.


  • Community Building
  • Bridging the Gender Gap
  • Sanitation
  • Labour Laws
  • Education and Child Rights
  • Senior Citizen Rights and Education
  • Therapeutic Penology
  • Self-Help Groups and Micro-Financing
  • PWD and Access: Technological Interventions


Students, scholars, NGOs and academicians from the fields of law, social sciences, literature and other related fields are eligible to apply for this programme.


  • Researching specific propositions on the selected themes and preparing a policy model. 
  • Making presentations of the research.


The best projects shall be funded for groundwork. Funding amount shall be decided on the basis of the anticipated cost of implementing the project policy, at the sole discretion of the organizers.


Interested candidates must fill this form and upload a screenshot of the payment of INR 20.  Registration Link:


A minimal amount of INR 20 is required to be submitted by each team at the time of registration. This amount is only to ensure the seriousness of the candidates.

UPI Number: 7340170767 / 9306614323


  • Registrations Start: 10 January 2021
  • Registrations Close: 31 January 2021
  • Notification of confirmation to selected teams: 4 February 2021
  • The virtual joining of the selected teams: 5 February 2021
  • Final Presentation: 2nd Week of March

Contact details

Tasneem Husain – 7340170767

Manas Yadav – 9306614323

[email protected]

[email protected]


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