The 3rd Bhimotsav 2021 (Online) is being organized by the Faculty of Law, the University of Lucknow on 13th & 14th April 2021

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About the Institute

Faculty of Law, University of Lucknow has been a pioneer legal institution in India. It was established in 1921. The Faculty offers Undergraduate, Post-Graduate, Doctoral and Post-Doctoral Courses. 

About the Event 

In Commemorative Memory of Dr B.R. Ambedkar on his 130th Birth Aniversary & to recognize Babasaheb’s contribution to academia,  we are organizing BHIMOTSAV on 13th & 14th April 2021.

The program comprises of the following events:

  • Quiz – will be conducted on 13th April 2021 (timings will be notified via WhatsApp or Email).
  • National Essay Writing Competition 
  • Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Memorial  lectures – will be conducted on 14th April 2021 (timings will be notified via WhatsApp or Email)


Quiz Topics: 

  • Life  and  Struggle  of  Dr.  Ambdekar
  • Legal  and  Constitutional  Vision  of  Dr.  Ambedkar
  • Philosophical,  Religious,  Economic and  Reformist Vision of  Dr.  Ambedkar.  against the motion.

Essay writing Topics:

  • Role  in  India’s  Independence  Movement
  • As  a  Chief  Architect  of  the  Indian  Constitution
  • Bringing  Untouchables  to  the  mainstream  of  Indian Society
  • Changing  hierarchical  structures  of  Indian  Society
  • Role  in  shaping  the  Legal  Rights  of  women  in  India
  • Majoritarianism  and  Governanace
  • Dr.  Ambedkar and revival of  Buddhism after Independence.


Students/Research Scholars enrolled in any UG/PG/Ph.D. course, Academicians associated with any educational institution (University/College), Professionals across various fields practising in India.


  • All the events will be conducted in online mode.
  • Links & all necessary information regarding the event will be provided to the participants by WhatsApp or Email.

Guidelines for Essay Submission:

• Language: Hindi or English

• The  participants  shall  submit  their  work  by  11:59 PM,  11th  April  2021.

• The  essay  shall  be  submitted  via  email  at [email protected]  and  the  subject  of email  shall  be  “Essay_Your  Name“. 

• The  mail  body  shall  consist  of  Name,  College  & Contact  Number.

• An  article  can  be  co-authored  by  a  maximum  of two  participants. 

• The  word  limit  of  the  article  should  be  1200-  1500 words. 

 Plagiarism  is  strictly  prohibited  and  will  be monitored.  

• Guidelines  for  the  article  are  as  follows: Font:  Times  New  Roman  Font  for  English  and Kruti  Dev  10  for  Hindi  Size:  12  for  the  body,  14  for titles  Citation:  Bluebook  19th  Edition  The  article will  be  evaluated  on  the  basis  of  Grammar, Understanding  of  topic,  Expression,  Research,  and Coherence.

Fee Details:

  • Quiz: Rs. 30 per person
  • Essay writing: Rs. 50 for Single Author; Rs. 75 with Co-author (maximum 2).
  • Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Memorial Lectures: Rs. 20 per person.


  • E-certificates  to  attendees  of  1st  Dr.  Ambedkar  Memorial Lectures;
  • Cash prize and e-certificate to the winner of  Bhimotsav National  Essay writing  Competition & Quiz competition.
  • E-certificate to runner up & e-certificate of  participation  to  all  participants.


  • The last date of the Essay Submission is 11th April 2021 (by 11:59 PM).
  • The last date of registration for all other events is 11th April 2021 (by 11:59 PM).

Registration Link:

Contact Information:

[email protected]

Shashank Patel: 8707072271

Kunwar Shashank: 9721595177

Vishal Singh: 8004593700


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