1st Virtual National Mediation Competition cum Certified Training Program

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1st Virtual National Mediation Competition cum Certified Training Program

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The 1st Virtual National Mediation Competition cum Certified Training Program, hosted by LexPacto, offers a dynamic platform for law students from across the globe to hone their mediation skills and compete at a national level. Participants will engage in simulated mediation sessions, showcasing their ability to resolve disputes effectively. With a rigorous yet enriching format spanning three days, including training sessions, preliminary rounds, and culminating in the finals, this competition provides a unique opportunity for students to immerse themselves in practical legal scenarios and elevate their expertise in alternative dispute resolution.


The training program embedded within the competition offers comprehensive instruction in the art and practice of mediation. Led by seasoned legal experts and practitioners, participants will delve into the fundamentals of mediation, communication and negotiation strategies, conflict analysis, and specialized mediation contexts such as family, community, commercial, and workplace mediation. Through a series of interactive sessions, participants will develop crucial skills, deepen their understanding of legal frameworks, and emerge as adept mediators equipped to navigate diverse conflict scenarios with finesse and professionalism.


The competition is open to all Law Colleges / Law Schools / Universities, Departments of Law. The registered contestants must be full time or part time law students. Students doing post-graduation in law and students undergoing correspondence courses are not eligible to participate in the competition.

  1. Cross-Institute Teams shall also be eligible to participate in this Competition.
  2. Only 3 team(s) from each participating institution shall be registered for the competition.


  1. Indian Teams: INR 4,500 & International Teams: $ 60
  2. The payment of registration fees shall be made through the QR code and the link for the same shall be sent after the confirmation of provisional registration which can be done by sending a mail showing interest to participate to contact@lexpacto.in
  3. Participants can also directly register through the link: LINK
  4. In case of any withdrawal after making the payment of the registration fee, the same shall not be refunded.


The competition will be held via the Video Conferencing Platform – Zoom
a) The Event will be held for 3 days which will consist of 3 stages:
Day 1: Mediation Training.
Day 2: Prelims (2 rounds- including interchanging of roles).
Day 3: Semi-Finals, Finals & Result declaration.
b) 3 Members are required in a team.
c) The competition will be in the form of a co-mediated session and there will be weightage given to the individual performance of all the participants.


  • Provisional registration – All the interested institutions are requested to provisionally register by sending us an email at – contact@lexpacto.in , the subject of the email should be “Provisional registration –1st Online National Mediation Competition cum Training Program”.
  • After the confirmation of provisional registration or through direct registration, the participants must register on or before 30th April 2024 by submitting the duly filled google form provided on the LexPacto Website or sent over the mail.
  • The Participants are required to register as a Team of 3 students viz, a Mediating Pair (Client and Counsel) and a Mediator.
  • On successful completion of the payment, The Organizing Committee shall send a confirmation of participation email after verifying the entire process.


The case scenario and details of the allocated time slot will be provided in advance to the participating teams. This time can be used for preparation for the event. For the preliminary round, teams will receive the topic, and slot timings 72 hours before the start of the round.


  • The competition will take place in three stages. At Preliminary stage, there will be two rounds for one pair of teams.
  • Preliminary Rounds – Each Team shall be once the Responding Party and once the Requesting Party in each session.
  • *No Team shall compete against the same team more than once in the Preliminary Rounds.
  • Semi Finals – The 4 best teams from the preliminary stages will compete in pairs.
  • Finals – The best two teams from the semi-finals will face each other.


A team contains three members; a mediator, client and a counsel (mediating pair). Participating teams can decide on the role allocation between the members.


The Team(s) may submit queries regarding the mediation problem during the prescribed time frame. The response to the Clarifications is subject to the drafter’s discretion. The Clarifications will not be accepted after 9th of May 2024.


The details of the virtual mediation room will be given to the participating team in advance. During the event, the room will consist of:
➢ One or more Judges,
➢ Two mediators (from different opposing teams),
➢ Party A and the counsel (requesting team),
➢ Party B and the counsel (responding team),
➢ One session supervisors

The members of the organizing committee may enter the virtual room. Anyone entering the room, other members listed above, must strictly turn off their audio and video to avoid any disturbance during the competition. Session supervisors shall take measures to ensure dignity of proceedings in the mediation room.


The dress code for the Competition shall be business formals.
➢ Female Counsel and Mediator: White formal shirt, white saree and black blouse or white salwar kameez
➢ Male Counsel and Mediator: White or black pants and white shirt.
➢ The above-mentioned dress code extends to the Inaugural and Valedictory Ceremony as well.


⮚Secrecy of Identity: During the course of the Oral Submissions, the speaker shall neither reveal his/her identity nor the identity of their College/University by any means whatsoever. Such actions on part of any member of the team will lead to disqualification of the team from the competition.
⮚Scouting: Scouting is strictly prohibited. Teams found scouting will be disqualified immediately.


The official and only language of the Competition shall be English.
Introduction + Problem Prompt – 5 minutes
Mediation – 40 minutes
Feedback and scoring – 10 minutes
A caucus time of 5 minutes will be, on request, allotted to the teams.
Private Caucuses & Conferences: Whenever the Mediator(s) calls for a caucus, the other party shall leave the room. The caucus shall take place between the Mediator and one party at once.
Equal opportunity shall be given to the teams in the competition. If any doubts arise with regard to the time allotment the concerned issue shall be raised with the judges and the competition committee members, and a decision shall be taken accordingly.


The organizers are entitled to change the format of the competition without prior intimation. In case of complaints/disputes, the same shall be submitted to the appeal committee.
The decision of the Appeal committee shall be final. Any behaviour of indiscipline with the Judges, Organizing Committee, any other staff member or student volunteer shall be dealt with strictly and may lead to immediate disqualification from the Competition without scope of appeal. Any attempt to approach the framer(s) of the problem(s) or the panel of Judges of the Competition, prior to the Competition shall lead to immediate disqualification from the Competition without scope of appeal.


The Organizing Committee shall have power to amend, modify or revoke the provisions of these rules, either in part or in whole, subject to the feasibility, transparency and smooth functioning of the Competition.
Any such amendment shall be deemed to be part of these rules.


  1. The competition will be held in Google Meet. All the Participants are required to have the respective app in their Desktop or Laptop.
  2. During the competition, participants are required to use Desktops or laptops. Mobile phones can cause technical issues and therefore are not permitted for video conference, for the purpose of participate in the competition.
  3. Sound internet connection is a mandatory requirement. The organizers will not be responsible for any such connection errors on the side of the participants.
  4. In each panel or section there will be a technical assistant who will help the participants and judges to deal with the technical issues.
  5. The organizing team will take all the responsibility in case of any technical error on the part of the organizers.
  6. Screen Sharing or any kind of malpractices are not allowed and if found, such team will be disqualified.
  7. When the competition starts, the team members are asked to switch on their videos till the end of the session. With respect to the mike, the team member has to unmute it while they are speaking and mute when they are not speaking in order to avoid disturbances, failing which, points may be deducted from the score by the judges at their discretion.
  8. Team members are requested to participate in the competition in a closed or disturbance free area for the smooth conduct of the competition.
    Winners – 20,000/- + Certificate of Merit
    Runner up – 10,000/- + Certificate of Merit
    Best Mediator – 5000/- + Certificate of Merit

E- Certificate

An E-certificate of participation will be issued to teams’ competing in both rounds of the preliminary stage.


▪ Registration – On or before 30 th April 2024, Sunday (05.05.2024)
▪ Allotment of Team Code – 7 th May 2024, Tuesday (07.05.2024)
▪ Release of Office Memo – 7 th May 2024, Tuesday (09.05.2024)
▪ Inaugural Session – 10 th May 2024, Friday (10.05.2024)
▪ Training Program- 10 th May, 2024, Friday (10.05.2024)
▪ Online Desk Registration – 11th March 2024, Saturday (11.05.2024)
▪ Preliminary Round – 11th March 2024, Thursday (11.05.2024)
▪ Semi Final Round – 12 th March 2024, Sunday (12.05.2024)
▪ Final Round – 12 th March 2024, Sunday (12.05.2024)


Day; 10 May 2024 TOPICS SPEAKERS
11:00 AM -11:10 AM Inaugural
11:15 AM -12:15 PM Fundamentals of Mediation; Process and Techniques
12:30 PM-1:30 PM Communication, Negotiations and Interpersonal Skills
2:30 PM – 3:30 PM Conflict Analysis and Resolution Strategies
3:45 PM – 4:45 PM Legal Framework and Mediation Law
5:15 PM – 6:15PM Specialized Mediation: Family, Community, Commercial and Workplace Mediation