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Religion Conversion Of Women

Written By: Koel Das Introduction There is no legal conversion as per the Constitution of India. It only says anyone can practice and propagate their religion (right to freedom of religious expression). But you can change your religion, from Islam to Hindu, just by changing your have and devout to Read more…

Blog - The Law Communicants

Familial Philanthropy And Economic Rights

Written By: Swapna Sudha Sahoo Introduction This paper is an outline of the Hindu Undivided Family (HUF)— a legitimate substance implanted in charge, corporate administration, and state codification of Hindu individual law in India. The HUF discovered lawful acknowledgment in the late nineteenth century, however, it was the Income Tax Read more…

Blog - The Law Communicants

Recent Changes In E-Commerce Policies/ Rules

Written By: Hrishika Rawat The Amendment Rules appear to tighten the noose even more around e-commerce businesses, incorporating several demands from offline traders and sellers on e-commerce platforms who have been involved in several legal fights with e-commerce entities. Some of them have been brought before the CCI as anti-competitive Read more…

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