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Submit Your Post

How to Submit a Post

1. Please submit your post to and follow the below guidelines.

2. The subject line of your email should be ‘Guest Post’.

3. Please send the full content in text/word/PDF format. Brochures, other documents, and images can be sent as attached files. (Any other specific information for the post as required Should be mentioned in the email).

4. The full content (body of the email) should be between 300-1200 words long. Please write in precise detail.

5. Please mention the original URL to the event/opportunity at the end of the email.

6. Kindly email changes (if required on the published post) on the same email thread/chain (where you submitted the first post) for all requests to update content. Please avoid fresh/new email subject lines for the same post.

7. For Internship experiences, please feel free to go beyond the format and write in any style you may want (but do include all the details that are usually there). If you wish to be anonymous, please include ANONYMOUS in the subject line of your email.

8. Sponsored posts: If you are a private organisation and are charging students, we’ll treat your post as a sponsored post and charge between Rs. 3000 and 30,000 for such a post. The fee depends on the nature of the post being submitted. Please email at

The following details are to be included for a post on The Law Communicants:

NOTE: Feel free to include any other detail relevant for your requirements:

Events and Opportunities

This includes Conferences, Webinars, Courses, Workshops; Entrance Exams, Scholarships and Fellowships; Essay Competitions, Moots, Fests, Etc.

  1. About the organiser/college/university
  2. Details about the event/opportunity
  3. Who is it for/eligibility
  4. Location (country/state/city)
  5. Registration/submission procedure
  6. Fee details (if any)
  7. Prizes (if any)
  8. Deadlines/dates
  9. Contact information
  10. Official link
Internship and Job Opportunities
  1. About the organisation
  2. Nature/type/work of internship/job
  3. Eligibility/experience/qualifications
  4. Number of employees/interns required
  5. Location
  6. Who can apply
  7. Salary/Stipend (if any)
  8. Duration of internship
  9. Application Procedure
  10. Contact info
  11. Official link (organisation’s website/social media link)

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