National Debate Competition (Online) by Woxsen University

National Debate Competition (Online) by Woxsen University

About Woxsen University

Woxsen represents a pioneering initiative aimed at redefining education and knowledge acquisition. Founded in 2014, Woxsen University stands as a leading institution in the vibrant State of Telangana. Initially established with the School of Business, Woxsen has since grown to encompass a diverse range of disciplines, including the School of Arts and Design, School of Architecture and Planning, School of Technology, School of Liberal Arts and Humanities, School of Sciences, and School of Law. Woxsen University was envisioned as an institution of excellence in higher learning with a multi-cultural yet inclusive cohort of global professionals contributing toward societal welfare. The university’s relentless emphasis on experiential Learning is entrenched in every program offered here.

About School of Law

Woxsen University’s BCI-Accredited School of Law is an additional stride in the direction of achieving this
objective. In addition to unrivalled career prospects, Woxsen University’s legal education provides access to a progressive and comprehensive curriculum, practical legal experience, and exceptional instruction from faculty members of the nest calibre. The institution implements the program using a multifaceted collaborative approach. The curriculum is industry-focused and dynamic, allowing us to accommodate a wide range of student interests and industry expectations.

Concept Note

Woxsen University’s School of Law is organising its Maiden edition of Inter-University Debate Competition. The objective is to expose and orient students to the art of Parliamentary debating and public speaking in general and focus on various socio-legal issues in particular. The intent is to guarantee that students are not inhibited from speaking and expressing themselves as individuals. The students would not just be participants but pioneers, empowered to confront and dissect the pressing social issues that define our times.

Rules of the Competition

  1. Eligibility & Team Composition
    1.1 Each team shall comprise two participants.
    1.2 ALL participating members of the team must be pursuing a course from 10+2 level and onwards from any School/College/University.
    1.3 Participation of more than one team from the same institution is allowed.
    1.4 Students from different Colleges / University/ School can also participate as a team.
  2. Structure of the Competition
    2.1 Preliminary Round
    2.2 Semi-Final Round
    2.3 Final Round
  3. Topics of the Competition
    3.1 Preliminary (Round 1)
    “Exploring the Impact of Pre-Marital Cohabitation: Is Living Together Before Marriage Beneficial or Detrimental?”
    3.2 Semi-Final (Round 2)
    “Can the Economy and Tourism Industry be compromised to safeguard the Environment, or should Economic Interests and Tourist Attractions take Precedence?”
    3.3 Final (Round 3)
    “Does artificial intelligence help stop more crimes, or does it make it easier for people to commit crimes?”
  1. British Parliamentary Debate Rules
    4.1 For all the rounds, teams would be randomly assigned sides (For or against) along with their positions (opening or closing) for the debate.
    4.2 As a rule, the opening argument would be presented by the team speaking for the motion.
    4.3 Speaker 1 would be given 4 minutes presenting the opening argument in favour of the motion.
    4.4 Speaker 1 of the opposing team would be given 4 minutes presenting the opening argument against the motion.
    4.5 Speaker 2 of the team speaking for the motion would be given 4 minutes presenting the closing argument in favour of the motion.
    4.6 Speaker 2 of the opposite team would be given 4 minutes presenting the closing argument against the motion.
    4.7 Time duration for all the rounds will remain the same.
    4.8 Points of Information (POIs)
    4.8.1 Afterr the First minute and before the last minute of each constructive speech, the opposing team may offer POIs.
    4.8.2 POIs are brief interjections where the opposing team can ask questions or make comments to challenge the speaker’s arguments.
    4.8.3 Speakers can accept or reject POIs at their discretion, but accepting them can demonstrate confidence and engagement.
    4.9 Rebuttals
    4.9.1 Each team has a 2 minute rebuttal period to respond to arguments made by the opposing side.
    4.9.2 The Speaker (either 1 or 2) of team in motion starts the rebuttal period for 2 mins, followed by the Speaker (either 1 or 2) of the opposing team.
  2. Language
    The medium of communication shall be English only.
  3. Dress Code
    The dress code for the competition is Western or Indian formals. Participants must adhere to the same.
  1. General Rules
    7.1 The Speakers shall not disclose their identities and will only represent themselves by the team Codes allotted to them. Team codes shall be provided to each team three days before the competition.
    7.2 The competition shall consist of 3 rounds i.e., Preliminary, Semi-Final & Final.
    7.3 Use of foul or obscene language will lead to immediate disqualification.
    7.4 The decision made by the panel of Judges will be final and binding.
    7.5 The organizers shall not be responsible for any loss due to slow or non-functional internet connection during the competition.
    7.6 The registration amount shall not be reimbursed upon non-participation by an individual or a team.
    7.7 Woxsen School of Law reserves the right to alter the rules or procedures of the competition.
  2. Online Competition Rules
    8.1 The Link to the Meeting ID and schedule will be informed to the teams through email.
    8.2 All the rounds for the competition shall be conducted virtually. The video conferencing platform would be informed well in advance.
    8.3 All the participants shall always keep their microphone on mute, except when addressing arguments. Speaker will unmute his/her microphone only after being invited to do so by the moderator or Judges.
    8.4 The speaker must keep their camera on while presenting the argument.
    8.5 The participants shall report at least 15 minutes before their scheduled time.
    8.6 The organizers shall not be responsible for any loss due to slow or non-functional
    Internet connection during the competition.
  1. Date & Time of the Competition
    30th – 31st May, 2024
    10:00 AM onwards

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Dr. A. Sreelatha
Dean- School of Law, Woxsen University

Dr. Aditi Singh
Associate Professor, SOL, Woxsen University

Student Coordinators

Nadella Lokesh
Contact: +91 98487 27017

: +91 9111924442

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