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The Canon Sphere strives to render comprehensive information on numerous matters, covering those aspects of the socio-legal world that we believe people and society at large should interact with more. We also assist our followers in developing an immeasurable understanding and awareness about the happening contemporary issues.

About the Contest

The contest provides an opportunity for all enthusiasts out there irrespective of their educational background to showcase their talent and widen their horizons regarding the things that are happening in our society. This helps them to become informed citizens and stimulates people to explore more and learn about such issues that affect us at some point in our lives.

General Rules

1. Contestants can be of any age group or any educational background but the video must be on “Any Social-Contemporary issue/topic” of their choice.

 2. In the beginning of the video the contestants must give a short introduction about themselves and the topic.

3. Contestants can make the video by way of animations, graphic designing or self-explanatory (using front/portrait camera).

4. If you are using your phone’s camera then your face must be clearly shown and your voice must be clear. Also try to have a clear background behind you.

 5. Make sure if you are giving a voiceover then your sound is not too low.

6. The video must be original content i.e., it should not be published before on any other platform.

7. The contestants are free to take help from any of the resources but they should avoid mere reading and rather make it explanatory.

 8. The nature of the video can be informative, descriptive, or informatory depending upon the requirements of the topic.

9. The ratio of the video must be horizontal or square.

10. The video can be of minimum 02:30 minutes and a maximum of 5 minutes.

11. The link to submit entries will be provided on the telegram channel of Canon sphere.

12.The last date of submission is 15/10/2022.

13.Top 3 winners will be declared within one week from the last date of submission of entries i.e. by 23/10/2022.

14.From top 10 contestants the top 3 winners will get certificates for winning and the rest 7 will get certificates of appreciation.

15. Top 10 videos will be chosen and will be posted on the Instagram handle of Canonsphere. The number may vary depending upon the quality of videos submitted.

Important Dates

All the participants have to make their entries/submit the videos by 15 October 2022.

Registration Link

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