Col. Dr. Jeppiaar 2nd National Crime Scene Investigation Competition by Satyabhama University

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Col. Dr. Jeppiaar 2nd National Crime Scene Investigation Competition by Satyabhama University

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About Satyabhama University

Sathyabama is a distinguished institution renowned for its excellence in Engineering, Science, and Technology, offering a wide array of academic programs. Established under the UGC Act, it holds an ‘A++’ Grade accreditation and boasts dynamic leadership under Dr. Mariazeena Johnson.

With innovative teaching methods, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and esteemed faculty, Sathyabama is committed to enhancing the quality of higher education globally. It has garnered national and international recognition, ranking among the top universities in India and globally.

Recognized for its research prowess, Sathyabama collaborates with leading institutions, engages in cutting-edge research, and has made significant contributions to space research through projects like “SATHYABAMASAT” in partnership with ISRO.

Overall, Sathyabama Institute of Science & Technology has established itself as a premier institution excelling in both academia and research, meeting international standards of excellence.

About the School of Law

Sathyabama School of Law is adapting to the evolving landscape of legal education, focusing on real-world skills and interdisciplinary approaches. Emphasizing community engagement and leadership development, the school is committed to students’ intellectual and personal growth.

With a dedicated faculty and dynamic leadership, the school aims to become a globally recognized center for research and teaching in law. Courses are academically rigorous and informed by the latest research, preparing students for careers in the legal profession and beyond. The curriculum offers a strong foundation in core subjects along with optional courses tailored to students’ interests.

About Crime Scene Investigation

  • Crime Scene Investigation competition assesses students’ ability to perform procedures related to crime scene investigation and identify suspects.
  • It enhances understanding of crime investigation by examining physical evidence and employing reasoning and logical skills.
  • The competition is interdisciplinary, involving tasks such as identifying, reporting, sketching, photographing, and using observational skills.
  • Its objectives include increasing knowledge of crime investigation through the examination of evidence and the application of logic and reasoning.

Eligibility and Team Composition

  • The event is open to any student pursuing the following courses in a recognized institution: Five-year integrated law course, three-year law course, and L.L.M.
  • Each team shall comprise 2 members only.
  • There is no restriction on the number of teams that may participate from the same institution.

Competition Date

April 6, 2024



Competition Venue

Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology, Jeppiaar Nagar, SH 49A, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600119

Rules and Regulations

  • All participants must bring their own writing and drawing tools along with an exam board (one per team).
  • Participants will be directed to the crime scene once they understand the plot.
  • Each team, consisting of two members, will have a maximum of 8 minutes to investigate the crime scene and note down relevant points.
  • Teams can create rough sketches or graphs during this time for their convenience.
  • Participants will analyze the crime scene and physical evidence through observation.
  • Each team must record their observations on a given sheet and submit an investigation report provided by the Organizing Committee.
  • Teams must hypothesize the best possible story behind the incident and conclude the guilt of the suspect/s.
  • Mobile phones for taking photos of the crime scene will be provided by the organizing team. Any other use of mobile phones will result in immediate disqualification.
  • Mishandling or disturbing the crime scene property or communicating with participants of other teams during the competition will lead to disqualification.
  • Participants are not allowed to touch or pick up anything from the crime scene.
  • A video will be played explaining the story of the crime scene, followed by participants being taken to the crime scene setup.
  • Each team can submit a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 5 pictures/sketches. These will be considered only if mentioned in the investigation report.
  • Further guidelines will be provided on the day of the event.
  • Results will be declared after evaluation of the reports by experts. Participants must strictly adhere to these rules.

Composition of the Report

  • Crime scene sketch with relevant evidence labeled.
  • List of material evidence found.
  • Brief note about the relevancy of each material evidence.
  • Hypotheses of guilt of suspect/s and reasons for such hypotheses.
  • Conclusive story (opinion-based).
  • Forensic analysis will play a key role.
  • Other relevant observations and analyses.
  • Each team will be given 30 minutes for report writing after completing investigation and observation.

Flow of the Competition

  • Watching the video clip to establish the storyline.
  • Entry to the crime scene.
  • Interrogation session.
  • Drafting the report.
  • Qualifying team proceeds to the final round.
  • Final round: Questioning session for interpretation.
  • DISCLAIMER: The round’s qualification criteria are based on the best and most accurate interpretation of the scenario with substantial evidence. Organizers reserve the right to amend rules or procedures at any time.

How to Register?

Interested participants can provisionally register by the link provided at the end of this post.

  • Teams has to complete a provisional registration initially.
  • A maximum of 30 teams will be allowed for the competition.
  • Link for the registration will be sent on a first come first serve basis.
  • First 30 teams completing their provisional registration will be sent the registration link for the competition.

Registration Fees

Rs. 1,000/- per team

Click here to register


  • Winner – Trophy and Certificate of Merit
  • Runner – Trophy and Certificate of merit
  • Best Team (Interpretation) – Trophy and Certificate of Merit
  • All The Participants Will Be Given Participation Certificates.


Ms. Neeraja C Reddy V: +91 95001 08661
Ms. Sneha Padmanaban: +91 99628 44455

For more information,
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