Defence On Merits Is Not To Be Considered At Stage Of Framing Of Charge And/Or At The Stage Of Discharge Application

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Case: State of Rajasthan vs. Ashok Kumar Kashyap

Coram: Justices DY Chandrachud and MR Shah

Case No: [CrA 407 OF 2021]

Court Observation: “The High Court was required to consider whether a prima facie case has been made out or not and whether the accused is required to be further tried or not. At the stage of framing of the charge and/or considering the discharge application, the mini trial is not permissible. At this stage, it is to be noted that even as per Section 7 of the PC Act, even an attempt constitutes an offence. Therefore, the High Court has erred and/or exceeded in virtually holding a mini trial at the stage of discharge application.. We are not further entering into the merits of the case and/or merits of the transcript as the same is required to be considered at the time of trial. Defence on merits is not to be considered at the stage of framing of the charge and/or at the stage of discharge application.”


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