“Exercise Restraint And Follow ‘Nilesh Navlakha Case’ Guidelines On Media Trial Scrupulously”: Bombay High Court To Media

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Case title – Lahu Chandu Chavan v. The State of Maharashtra & Ors

Coram:  S.S Shinde & Manish Patel

Case No: [Writ Petition No. 1119 Of 2021]

Court Observation: the Court directed the Respondents to “scrupulously follow the guidelines issued by this Court in paragraphs 348 and 349 of the Judgment in the case the Judgment in the case of Nilesh Navlakha”.

The Court also directed them “not to publish or give any unnecessary publicity to the incident of death of the daughter X of the Petitioner and the further alleged illicit relationship of the daughter X with Y.”

The Court in this case had laid down various guidelines for reporting on “sensitive criminal matters, including death by suicide, and had held that the media should avoid putting photographs of victims, depicting the deceased as a weak character, or try to reconstruct the incident while the investigation is underway”.


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