GNLU Centre For Women And Child Rights: Right To Education Conclave 2.0

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GNLU Centre For Women And Child Rights: Right To Education Conclave 2.0

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The GNLU Centre for Women and Child Rights is a congregation of legal minds to channel the power of law to champion the causes of Women and Child Rights by encouraging and facilitating active discourse and deliberation in the field of women and child rights development. With this vision, Gujarat National Law University established the Centre for Women and Child Rights (GCWCR) on the 15th of September, 2020. The Centre integrates research, direct field action, and teaching on child rights law; it uses law and socio-legal strategies as tools for transformative social change to enable children to live with dignity. The specific aim of the Centre is to ensure social justice, human rights, and quality of life for all children and women in India, with a special focus on equitable quality education, care, protection, and justice for marginalized and excluded women and children.


The Right to Education (RTE) Conclave 2022 marked a significant milestone in the collective effort to champion the cause of education for all. Many Dignitaries graced us by their presence such as Smt. Smriti Zubin Irani & Sh. Priyank Kanoongo as chief guests. This pivotal event is beyond the conventional by incorporating paper presentations, engaging panel discussions, and innovative pitch presentations.

Building upon the success of its predecessor, RTE Conclave 2.0 is poised to deliver an even more enriching experience for participants. Meticulously designed, the event serves as a dynamic platform for robust intellectual exchange, fostering collaborative problem-solving and nurturing a shared commitment to advancing the global cause of education.

What truly sets this event apart is the emphasis on creating an immersive experience. Participants can look forward to not only informative sessions but also engaging in various recreational activities. The agenda includes pitch presentations, panel discussions, and a unique focus on experiential learning. Through the presentation of work by diverse stakeholders, informal and formal meetings, the Conclave aims to facilitate a deep dive into identifying the core motivations that drive each participant.


As a part of the pitch presentation, we welcome ideas to solve some of the biggest challenges in education from a diverse audience spanning practitioners, activists, academicians, policymakers, civil society, students from law and interdisciplinary subjects in form of a concept note of 800-1200 words.

Legal aid cells, child rights centers, social work departments, education researchers, nonprofit leaders, movement-builders, concerned government officials, journalists, faculty convenors, and motivated individuals across disciplines are encouraged to participate in this solution-oriented gathering aimed at cultivating deeper coordination across stakeholders to advance the RTE cause. We welcome submissions both in an institutional capacity (submissions as a Research Centre or a Legal Aid Committee) as well as individual capacity.


  1. Role of lawyers and law students towards solving challenges in ensuring access to quality education in public schools in India
  2. Understanding the future of rights-based litigation in addressing violations of Right to Education in India
  3. Role of media towards addressing violations of Right to Education
  4. Need for community building in Universities towards advocating for Right to Education
  5. Mapping Law Universities as a stakeholder in addressing access to justice issues pertaining to Right to Education
  6. Reimaging legal education to equip law students towards identifying challenges in implementation of Right to Education in India and addressing the same


1. All presenters will be given access to mentors and experts in the respective field for one year after the RTE Conclave.

2. All presenters will be added to a community of supporters, mentors and fellow participants for constant support and facilitate collaboration.

3. All efforts will be made to provide any tailor-made support required by a participant during and after the Conclave.


The top three presenters will be provided a cash prize of Rs. 15,000/-, Rs. 10,000/- and Rs. 5000/- respectively to support the implementation of their ideas.


Pitch Submission: 3rd March, 2024 (extended to 8th March, 2024)

Communication of Acceptance: 10th March, 2024

Last Day of Payment: 12th March 2024

Date of Conference: 14th-15th March 2024

Venue: Gujarat National Law University, Gandhinagar.


Conference Registration Fee: *Excluding Accommodation

Professionals- ₹3,500

Students- ₹2,000

Please find attached herewith the conclave brochure for your reference. Looking forward to your positive response and participation.

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