In Event Of Doubt Over Correctness Of Answer Key, Benefit Must Be Given To Exam Authority & Not Candidate: Tripura High Court

In Event Of Doubt Over Correctness Of Answer Key, Benefit Must Be Given To Exam Authority & Not Candidate

Case: The State of Tripura and Ors. v. Smt. Sangita Chakraborty

Coram: Chief Justice Indrajit Mahanty and Justice SG Chattopadhya

Case No.: WA No. 31 of 2020

Court Observation: “In the instant case, none of the options given in the multiple choice questions appear to be demonstrably wrong. Situated thus, the ratio decided by the Apex Court in Ran Vijay Singh & Ors. (Supra) must be followed by us where the Apex Court has held that Court should presume the correctness of the key answers and proceed on that assumption and in the event of doubt, the benefit should go to the examination authority rather than to the candidate.”

“It is no case of the writ petitioner (respondent herein) that the paper-setter gave wrong options in the multiple choice question paper. Therefore, the present case is distinguishable,”

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