India A Secular Country, A Religious Group In Majority Can’t Resist Other Community’s Fundamental Right To Hold Religious Processions, Festivals

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Case: Ramasamy Udayar vs The District Collector & Ors


Case No: W.A.Nos.743 & 2064 of 2019

Court Observation: “If religious intolerance is going to be allowed, it is not good for a secular country. Intolerance in any form by any religious group has to be curtailed and prohibited,”

“India is a secular country and merely because one religious group is living in the majority in a particular area, it cannot be a reason for not allowing other religious festivals or processions through that area.”

” There shall be a direction to the authorities to permit the Hindus to conduct two processions on the first and second day of the village temple festivals through all the streets and roads which have been conducted till 2015. As far as the procession on the third day of temple festival is concerned, the petitioner himself accepted that Hindus would not conduct the procession in which the turmeric water would be sprinkled.”


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