Compassionate Appointment Cannot Be Granted Where Bereaved Family Does Not Face “Indigent Circumstances”: Rajasthan High Court

Compassionate Appointment Cannot Be Granted Where Bereaved Family Does Not Face “Indigent Circumstances”

Case: Punjab National Bank & Anr. v. Mukesh Kumar Soni

Coram: Justices Sandeep Mehta and Kuldeep Mathur

Case No.: D.B. Spl. Appl. Writ No. 1433/2018

Court Observation: “The appellant-bank rejected the respondent’s claim on 20.02.2016 upon arriving to a conclusion that the family was not facing indigent circumstances warranting employment of one of the family member under the Scheme of 2014. It is pertinent to note here that no material was placed on record to quantify the amount incurred in medical treatment of the deceased employee. Thus, in light of the principles laid down in the above decisions, the appellant-bank acted within the framework of law while rejecting the application for compassionate appointment filed by the respondent.”

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