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About Litigation Simulation

We, at Litigation Simulation, make students “live and participate” in the proceedings & students live the life of a Lawyer in a simulation and participate in the proceedings and learn how to proceed in such a criminal case, following the whole procedure from the pre-trial stage to Supreme Court via the drafting of various legal documents and applications involved in the procedure of going from Pre-Trial Stage to Appellate Stage.

What Litigation Simulation Event is

Get an insight into Law Practice (Trial Court, High Court, and Supreme Court) in your Law School via involving yourself in Virtual Courtroom Simulation.

Learn to make a file/case out of information received from a client; and fight for him following the whole criminal procedure from Pre-Trial Stage (Police), lowest jurisdiction to Highest Court of Jurisdiction.

What you will learn

  1. Represent client (as an advocate) in a virtual courtroom in 4 stages of Proceedings; Pre-Trial, Trial, Appeal to High Court. and last to SC.
  2. Draft all legal documents involved in the whole criminal procedure.
  3. Argue, Plead, Examine at different stages of proceedings.

How to enroll in the Free Batch of Litigation Simulation Event

  1. Fill the google form:
  1. Join our Whatsapp Group through this Link:

We have 55 students enrolled for the Previous Event, for the month of August, of Free Litigation Simulation Event; and students are progressing with the same.


Undergraduate Law Students; of any year, college are free to apply for the same. The respective students are supposed to have an interest in Criminal Law. The whole event would take 4 weeks for its completion.

The next Event starts from the 1st week of September 2021.

Contact us

Raj Aryan (Founder), Phone/Whatsapp: +918877577928




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