Protection of Privacy in Cyberspace: A Comparative Analysis Between India and USA.

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In recent years, these concerns have escalated in India, USA and other economies, particularly due to the rapid commercialization of the Internet and the development of new and more powerful information technologies. Cyberspace is shorthand for the web of consumer electronics, computers, and communication networks that interconnects the world. Privacy is the need of people to choose freely under what conditions and to what extent they will expose themselves, their approach and their conduct to others.

There are certain laws in force, which ensures protection to the right to privacy in cyberspace. The present paper aims at exploring the status of Privacy in Cyber Space in India. India needs to work more for enduring effective and concrete legislation for data protection.
However, while creating the laws, the legislature has to be aware of maintaining a balance between the interests of the common people along with amicably handling the increasing rate of cybercrime. In continuing the privacy conversation, we must recognize that a vision protective of information privacy and data protection in cyberspace will be singularly hard to maintain.

This paper analyzes the privacy in cyberspace from the perspective of India and USA. For over two decades, concerns regarding the privacy of the individual and cross-border movement of personal information have been reflected in international policy frameworks, such as the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) Privacy Guidelines.

Keywords: Cyberspace; Privacy; Cybercrime; Commercialization; Data Protection; Information technology.

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