Webinar on Role of Brazilian Courts on Climate Change, by Friends for Future (Germany): Register by July 21

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About the Organizer

Friend for Future (Germany): Friends For Future is an international team of environmentalists and climate change activists who mentor youth in climate activism and sustainable living through peer-to-peer education.

About the Webinar

Environmental law governs how human beings interact with their environment. The escalating threat of climate change emphasizes the value of environmental law. With rising sea levels, fluctuating temperatures, and an increasing frequency of natural disasters, these regulations are critical to the continued safety of citizens across the world. Therefore, citizens across the world need to know about how national and international environmental laws provide safeguards against environmental deterioration and set requirements to take necessary steps to mitigate the effects of climate change to protect us. With this objective Friends for Future (Germany) is organizing a webinar series on Environmental Law envisioned to be focused on Climate Change. 


Role of Brazilian Courts on Climate Change

General Details (Date, Time, Topic, Mode, Platform)

  • Date: July 23rd, 2021
  • Time: 04:30 PM CET | 08:00 PM IST
  • Mode: Online


Valéria Emília De Aquino is a Brazilian Human Rights Lawyer and a Research Scholar at the Federal University of Goiás. She is also a member of the study group “Law, Globalization, and Citizenship”. She is a member of the Editorial Board and Research Collaborator of International Law Without Borders (Brazil) and a Research Associate member of the Institute of International Studies (Bolívia). She was Visiting fellow at the Mercosur Institute of Public Policies on Human Rights (Argentina), and a former Professor in Law at Presidente Antônio Carlos University (UNIPAC) in Uberlândia where she taught Environmental Law, Civil Practice, and Civil Procedure. 

Who can Attend?

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The link for free registration has been given at the end of this post.

Registration Deadline

Registration Deadline: 21 July 2021

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Contact Information: [email protected] with CC to [email protected]

Official Link: https://www.friendsforfuture.eu/

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