Compassionate Appointment: ‘Divorced’ Daughter Cannot Be Treated At Par With ‘Widowed’ Or ‘Unmarried’ Daughter: Supreme Court

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Compassionate Appointment: ‘Divorced’ Daughter Cannot Be Treated At Par With ‘Widowed’ Or ‘Unmarried’ Daughter

Case: Director of Treasuries in Karnataka vs. V. Somyashree

Coram: Justices MR Shah and Aniruddha Bose

Case No: CA 5122 OF 2021

Court Observation: “As observed hereinabove and even as held by this Court in the case of N.C. Santhosh (Supra), the norms prevailing on the date of consideration of the application should be the basis of consideration of claim for compassionate appointment. The word ‘divorced daughter’ has been added subsequently by Amendment, 2021. Therefore, at the relevant time when the deceased employee died and when the original writ petitioner – respondent herein made an application for appointment on compassionate ground the ‘divorced daughter’ were not eligible for appointment on compassionate ground and the ‘divorced daughter’ was not within the definition of ‘dependent.'”

“Therefore, at the time when the deceased employee died she was a married daughter and therefore, also cannot be said to be ‘dependent’ as defined under Rule 2 of the Rules 1996. Therefore, even if it is assumed that the ‘divorced daughter’ may fall in the same class of ‘unmarried daughter’ and ‘widowed daughter’ in that case also the date on which the deceased employee died she – respondent herein was not the ‘divorced daughter’ as she obtained the divorce by mutual consent subsequent to the death of the deceased employee. Therefore, also the respondent shall not be eligible for the appointment on compassionate ground on the death of her mother and deceased employee.”

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