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The Indian Journal of Projects, Infrastructure, and Energy Law (IJPIEL) is collaborating with Khaitan & Co. for its first-ever Blog-Writing Competition on PIE Laws, ‘Scrivener’

About Us

The Indian Journal of Projects, Infrastructure, and Energy Law (IJPIEL), founded in July 2020, is a Student-run biannual Law Journal, Blog, and Podcast.

IJPIEL aims to focus upon the niche area of Projects, Infrastructure, and Energy Laws (PIE). In the post-pandemic scenario, it goes without saying that the focus of global markets will be to create Sustainable & Resilient Infrastructure (SDG 9) and Alternative Sources of Energy (SDG 7). This is particularly important for India, which is slated to be one of the world’s fastest-growing economies. However, the same is not possible without achieving SDG 17- Peace & Strong Institutions of Justice. The youth of today shall be the future of tomorrow, and it is saddening to see that even the crème-de-la-crème of Law Schools in India are not focusing upon this particular area of law. Crucial terms such as Public-Private Partnerships and Procurement (and the different steps and documents involved in the same) remain unknown to Law students throughout the course of their studies. It is, but natural that journals and student academia have not focused upon this area of law. This is where IJPIEL steps in.

We wish to create an academic culture where people develop an interest in this subject and hopefully pursue it as a career. Although our primary focus shall remain on Articles and Blogs pertaining to India, the Journal prides itself on its global outlook and its diverse Board of Advisors.


IJPIEL happens to be one of the first Blogs and journals in India that is solely dedicated to the field of PIE Laws. Our constant attempt is to increase awareness about this unique arc of Law amongst budding Lawyers and Young Professionals, and what better way to adopt than involving our audience in the whole process?

This blog-writing competition is our small collaborative attempt at encouraging a greater number of students to explore this arc of Law and expand its scope.

Our Accolades

Nominated as the 5th Best Blog on Energy Law under the category of ‘Top 30 Energy Law Blogs’ by Feedspot.


  • Viability of Oxygen/Hydrogen based Derivatives in India
  • PPA: Whether a New Age Commodity Derivative Contract?
  • Taxability of VGF Allocated in a PPP Project


The word limit for the blogs shall be 2500-4000 words (exclusive of footnotes).

Footnotes should be as per the 21st Bluebook Edition.

Submission Details

Participants can submit their blogs between 16th September-16th October 2021 by mailing them to [email protected] (cc to [email protected]) with the subject line ‘Scrivener Submission_[full name of the participant]’.

Co-authorship is not allowed.


The winners of the three categories shall receive a certificate/e-certificate alongside a one-month internship opportunity with our Knowledge Partner, Khaitan & Co.*

The Blogs authored by the Top 3 position-holders of all the categories shall get recognition on all social media pages of IJPIEL, i.e., LinkedIn and Instagram, and shall be published in the IJPIEL Blog.

*Terms and Conditions apply

Contact Us

Mr. Naman Anand- 7888526240

Ms. Namrata Bhowmik- 9830896554


Scrivener 1st Khaitan & Co-IJPIEL Blog-Writing Competition - The Law Communicants
Scrivener 1st Khaitan & Co-IJPIEL Blog-Writing Competition - The Law Communicants

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