The World is Silent and the Nature is Loud

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Nature is merely twisting the ear of mankind just to make us realize what blunder we people have done in the name of development. I can see the flora and fauna are in their best version just because humans cannot interfere. Nature is rejuvenating and again getting back its strength. Birds high in the sky feeling now relax without the black fumes of chimneys of Factories and noise of uncontrolled ultrasound powered vehicles.

Animals and living creatures are feeling now that nature is really for them and they can take a breath without the fear of any forest guards and descendant of Darwin. Wildlife must be feeling real that where is that ruthless man who used to run behind them for their ivory, where is he, who used run behind them for their tiger skin, where is he, who used to run behind them for their snakeskin, where is he, who used to run behind them with loaded guns and huge noise-making Bulldozers.

Nature stopped human beings for playing the games of his unsatisfied greeds and power to rule the world with bioweapons. Let’s understand our tragedy where slow poison to our life (i.e. pollution) we ignored but the imminent danger to life (i.e. life taking viruses) we immediately acted upon but at last that slow poison stopped the world and now nature is again getting reset. Even the dolphin and sea otter can be spotted roaming around sea sore. Nature is reclaiming its space. If we do not give its due then we are bound to face these pandemics.

Ultimately It is us who is more at loss. The severity of the situation has not been well construed by many of us still we are roaming around. This is the high time that we should perform our duty as citizens by staying at our respective places. Italy is the second-largest country in health care ranking in the world. They are way ahead than us still the situation is out of control. We cannot walk out from our responsibility saying that China is to be blamed. When the Prime Minister of our country is asking for help from its citizens it is crystal clear that we are in much-anticipated danger. So stay home, stay safe and save lives.


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