Digital Health Care: Recent Trends

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Digital Health Care

With the recent technological development in IT Sector, Telecommunication Sector, E-Commerce Sector; the Health care Sector is also developing day by day as now it’s not confined to a Doctor’s office or a hospital. Information Technology companies are changing the conventional mindset of the healthcare system by introducing digital medicine and by inventing healthcare tools (like a smartwatch, home blood pressure monitoring machine etc) & services (various health fitness and health applications) to track fitness. It is all possible due to the advancement of sensor technology.

The main challenges faced by people suffering from health problems in India are accessibility, affordability and quality health care services. The main concern is the address these issues efficiently. The digital healthcare system aims at removing gaps among the different segments of society. As smartphone users are increasing in India. Therefore, it is easy for people to connect with the apps which helps them to track their fitness goals.

For example, a technology provider launched an app that measures body metrics such as BP, heart rate, and statistics on diet and exercise, and stores this information on a cloud platform.

For the past 5 years, India has embraced a digital healthcare system. Consumers are accepting and attracted towards online health services like telemedicine, e-commerce for home delivery of pharmaceuticals, and several fitness apps. Existing methods of the healthcare system are being modified as now there are various portals or apps which help in an online consultation with doctors and is also providing chat-based healthcare services. The technological advancement in the healthcare industry is helping the patients, caregivers and doctors.

Most people are not even aware of their blood pressure problems and even if they are aware they don’t check it regularly as it is not feasible for them to visit the doctor every day. The answer to this problem is home monitoring blood pressure devices. Omron Healthcare has invented a Smart Elite HEM-7600T and Omron connect app. This device is India’s first Bluetooth enabled digital blood pressure monitor, one can connect it with Omron connect app and can easily record his/her blood pressure readings in the app and can view and manage it on their mobile phones.

The app is available for IOS and Android Phones. The readings taken on Omron Smart Elite HEM-7600T are automatically sent to the smartphone via Bluetooth to doctors and caregivers via Omron connect app so that they can track the progress of the patients. The Omron Connect app can also provide for the graphical interpretation of health so that it can be analysed easily. So, if the person is not a technology freak, he/she can also use it.

Most of the country’s healthcare system is pre-digital, film-based radiology and paper medical records are still more common than their electronic counterparts. In this case, even a small step towards digital healthcare such as an online appointment-booking system at the country’s largest public hospital AIIMS New Delhi can have a large impact and save numerous trips to the hospital by sparring patients long hours waiting for those who can ill-afford a day off.

There are some branches of medicine in India which has successfully adopted innovative technologies such as ophthalmology which has adopted various types of innovative technologies. For example, the use of artificial intelligence for the screening of diabetic retinopathy, high-quality imaging of both retina and cornea using smartphone coupled devices etc.


With each passing day, we are growing digitally. Therefore there is a significant need of incorporating innovative technologies into our healthcare system as it will bridge the gap of resources, help our country from falling behind and it will also make access to doctors very simple. The rise of digital technology is pushing India to achieve Health for All, putting the country at the forefront for foreign investment. With these opportunities, India is emerging as the global leader in digital health.

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