Sharda Law Review is inviting submissions for its 1st Volume by way of a call for papers

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About the Journal
The Sharda Law Review is an annual peer-reviewed journal published by the School of Law – Sharda University, Greater Noida. The Inaugural Edition of the Journal consists of Editors of the highest repute and shall be launched by legal luminaries and dignitaries. We are all set to publish this within 30 days. You need not wait for it longer.

Call for Papers
The Sharda Law Review is now inviting submissions for Volume 1.

Any appropriate theme related to the socio-legal aspect is acceptable.
Note: The above sub-themes are only illustrative, and the Journal welcomes submissions on any topic related to arbitration.

Submissions can be made under the following categories:
Long Articles (4000-8000 words*): The article must be a comprehensive and in-depth analysis of a contemporary issue in arbitration law and should include references to a range of sources and contributions in the form of alternatives and suggestions.
Short Articles (2000-4000 words*): The article must be an analysis of a contemporary issue in arbitration law and should include a reference to a range of sources and contributions in the form of alternatives and suggestions.
Case Comments (1500-4000 words*): The comment must be an analysis of a recent judgment, bringing out its relevance in light of the development of arbitration law, views expressed in the judgment, and the opinion(s) of the author.
Book Reviews (1000-3000 words*): The review must be a crisp account of a recently published book on arbitration, including the issues explored and related arguments of the author.
*The word limit is exclusive of footnotes and abstract. The prescribed word limit may be relaxed up to 10%, at the discretion of the Editorial Board.

Submission Guidelines
Submissions are accepted only in the English language.
All articles must be accompanied by an abstract not exceeding 300 words. Case Comments and Book Reviews do not need to be accompanied by abstracts.
The abstract must expressly include the novelty and usefulness of the idea that the author wishes to put forth and must categorically mention the specific contribution of the article beyond the existing available literature.
Co-authorship (with no cap on authors) is permitted for all articles.
The manuscript should not contain any references to the identity of the authors. However, authors are allowed to cite their previous published work.
The body of the manuscript should be in Times New Roman, Font Size 12, and 1.5-line spacing.
The footnotes should be in Times New Roman, Font Size 10, and single line spacing.
The citations must conform to the style of ILI Citation rules (
Manuscripts should only use footnotes as a means of citation. No other method of citation is permitted.
Substantive footnotes are permissible.

How to Submit?
Kindly send your manuscript in MS Word (.docx) format to the email [email protected].
The subject of the email should be “Submission for SLR Volume 1 – <Title of the manuscript> <Name of the author>”. The submissions must be sent by 6th July 2021.
Sharda Law Review accepts manuscripts on a rolling basis. Manuscripts received after the submission deadline shall be considered for publication in Volume 1, Issue 1.1, or Volume 2.

The submission should be accompanied by a Covering Letter, which must include the following details:
Name of Author(s)
Contact Details (Address and Mobile No.)
Institutional Affiliations (if any)
Academic Qualifications

Submission Deadline
6th July 2021

Contact Information
In case of any queries, kindly drop an email to journal: [email protected]


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