Building A Successful Legal Career

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Building A Successful Legal Career: 2 Days Live Workshop By Neeti Shastra

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Neeti Shastra is pleased to announce that we are hosting a Career Workshop to enable career clarity amongst law students and lawyers on 24th and 25th Seof ptember 2022.

About Neeti Shastra

Neeti Shastra is an organisation founded by Parishkriti Atri and Rahul Sharma in 2020. They have recruited for 100+ clients for positions ranging from Junior level to Partner level. Neeti Shastra has also built its brand as India’s most trustworthy Legal Career Coaches, having provided career-related consulting and mentoring to thousands of lawyers and law students because of which they have secured offers from Tier 1,2 and 3 law firms, esteemed Senior Advocates, Justices, and renowned companies and startups across the world. Their network leading to sharing of ten new vacancies every day since 2020 are unmatched in the industry.

About The Workshop

The workshop is divided into 5 one hour sessions each for two days. These 10 sessions in total will dive into conventional and unconventional careers in law to help students and lawyers understand what a particular practice area is about and make informed decisions regarding their futures.

Each session will have 2 esteemed speakers, who are experienced professionals from Tier 1 and 2 law firms, and renowned companies.

This is what you can expect from the workshop-

  • Clear understanding of each practice area
  • Journey of our Speakers from a student to a lawyer to help you chart a successful career plan
  • Skills necessary for each practice area
  • The kind of work undertaken in each practice area
  • Scope and growth of each career option And much more..

For more information regarding the event, please visit:

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