Constitution Day Essay Competition

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Constitution Day Essay Competition by GNLU Centre for Constitutional and Administrative Law (CCAL) on 26th November 2022.

Table of Contents

About the Organiser

The GNLU Centre for Constitutional and Administrative Law was founded on January 05, 2014, with the intention to create awareness and explore the new horizons of the basic tenets of the Constitution, assisting in the enhancement of logical reasoning and legal aptitude of the students. The CCAL is dedicated but not confined to the latest developments and interdisciplinary research projects in Constitution. The Constitution of India acts as a ‘Grundnorm’ for every law enacted by the Government, which has to be in conformity with the Constitution. The CCAL strives at achieving the goal of nullifying the gap between theoretical and practical aspects regarding the functioning of various constitutional and administrative bodies in order to provide a flourishing environment for the growth of future administrators, legislators, interpreters, decision-makers, academicians, and responsible citizens of this country.


Expansion Of The Reservation System In India And The Constitutional Framework


Only for UG & PG Law students

Cash Prizes

  • 1st Prize to Best Essay: 10,000 (INR) Cash Prize.
  • 2nd Prize to Second Best Essay: 5,000 (INR) Cash Prize.
  • 3rd Prize to Third Best Essay: 3,000 (INR) Cash Prize.

Last Date of Submission

26th November 2022

Important guidelines for manuscript preparation

  1. Manuscripts must be the result of original research.
  2. Submissions of previously published works will not be accepted.
  3. Manuscripts should be submitted in Times New Roman with font size 12, line spacing of 1.5′; justified, with margins of 1.5 to the left and 1.0 on all sides.
  4. The submission should be made in text files or files in .doc or .docx format (such as from Microsoft Word or Open Office). We do not accept files in pdf format.
  5. The citation style to be followed is Oscola (4th Edition).
  6. The word limit of the article is 3000-5000.
  7. Co-authorship of up to 2 persons is allowed.



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Constitution Day Essay Competition