Religion Conversion Of Women

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Written By: Koel Das


There is no legal conversion as per the Constitution of India. It only says anyone can practice and propagate their religion (right to freedom of religious expression). But you can change your religion, from Islam to Hindu, just by changing your have and devout to any God of your choice as Hinduism provides various Gods like Vishnu, Shiva, Ganpati, and the list goes on.


One who wants to converts to a Hindu can approach Arya Samaj Temple, make a written application along with an affidavit stating that he/she is agreeing to the conversion based on his/her fine will, along with proof of age and residence signed by the applicant along with two witnesses.

The shuddhi Karma (purification ceremony) involves conducting (a typical Hindu ritual done in front of the fire) involving chanting of certain Hymns from the Vedas by the applicant, as guided by a priest. It may take about one to one-and-a-half hours to complete the ceremony. After the purification ceremony, a certificate of conversion to Hinduism is issued to the applicant.

It is said that the conversion certificate issued by Arya Samaj is legally valid based on Indian Government order dated March 19, 1985.

Women’s Religion Conversion & Protection

In a protection please filed by an interfaith couple the Punjab and Haryana High Court recently observed that marriage between Muslim women and Hindu men won’t be valid as the bride didn’t convert to Hindu religion before the solemnization of marriage in accordance with Hindu rites and ceremonies.

The Punjab & Haryana High court last week directed the senior superintendent of police, Sangrur to provided protection to Muslim women (and her husband) who converted to Hinduism to marry a Hindu man.

The bench of Justice Gurvinder Singh Gill was hearing the plea filed by one Rajina @ Jyoti and her husband Jaspal Sharma.

Fearing threat at the hands of private respondents, as the couple got married the wishes of their families, they had moved the court seeking issuance of a direction to the official respondents to protect their lives and liberty.

Delhi High Court had granted police protection to a Hindu Girl who alleged that certain media houses are harassing her by airing programs against her, for wanting to convert to Islam.


Every man and woman has the right to freedom of religion( Article 25 to Article 28). So they can convert their religion. But whenever it’s coming up to a woman she suffers a lot. Nowadays many women marry a Hindu man so she converts to her religion. But at this point, they are coming upon life hampering the threat. It’s a right no one can hamper it.


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