When Parties Change Venue Of Arbitration By Mutual Agreement, Changed Venue Becomes Seat Of Arbitration

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When Parties Change Venue Of Arbitration By Mutual Agreement, Changed Venue Becomes Seat Of Arbitration

Case: M/s Inox Renewables Ltd v Jayesh Electricals Ltd

Coram: Justice RF Nariman, Hrishikesh Roy

Case No: [CA No 1556 of 2021]

Court Observation: “…the parties may mutually arrive at a seat of arbitration and may change the seat of arbitration by mutual agreement which is recorded by the arbitrator in his award to which no challenge is made by either part” “This case would show that the moment the seat is chosen as Ahmedabad, it is akin to an exclusive jurisdiction clause, thereby vesting the courts at Ahmedabad with exclusive jurisdiction to deal with the arbitration…….it is clear that the parties have, by mutual agreement, entered into an agreement to substitute the venue at Jaipur with Ahmedabad as the place/seat of arbitration under Section 20(1) of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996”.

“Once the seat of arbitration is replaced by mutual agreement to be at Ahmedabad, the Courts at Rajasthan are no longer vested with jurisdiction as exclusive jurisdiction is now vested in the Courts at Ahmedabad, given the change in the seat of arbitration”.

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