Call For Blogs by Vidhi Mitra, the Legal Aid cell of DNLU

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Call For Blogs by Vidhi Mitra

About The Institution

Vidhi Mitra, The Legal Aid Cell, Dharmashastra National Law University, Jabalpur was established in the year 2018. Its aim is to make the legal system and justice more accessible to the general public and create awareness amongst the people about the contemporary legal issues and established rights of the people.

About The Blog

The Vidhi Mitra Blog is aimed to provide an active forum to the legal fraternity to express and share their experiences and opinions on contemporary legal issues and themes prescribed by the cell.

The Blog can be accessed here:

The Editorial Board of the Blog is inviting articles, case notes, blog posts, book reviews, and discussion
within the aim and scope of the subject matter, i.e., “MEDICO LEGAL ISSUES AND ETHICS”


The Blog is open to any topic which revolves around “MEDICO LEGAL ISSUES AND ETHICS” or any other contemporary legal issue(s) related.

Medico-Legal Issues And Ethics

The theme aims to discuss & find solutions for Medico-Legal issues involved in health informatics. The medical profession is considered to be one of the noblest professions, which renders service to the general public. Sincerity, proper care, and professional skills are considered to be the hallmark of this sector. The accountability of the profession is integral for enhancing the quality of the health industry. Though the advancement of medical science is in progress on the other hand it is inevitable to avoid the challenges and impact it has on society. Doctors are no longer regarded as infallible and beyond questioning. With the health sector being an essential indicator of the nation’s development in the world arena, ignorance of challenges in the medical sector will be a huge setback, and the need for legal accountability is a must.

Furthermore, the Coronavirus disease-2019 (COVID-19) has heralded a wide set of challenges involving not only the medical management of the patients but also the legal dilemma with regards to the provision of healthcare services. The medical professionals have experienced difficulty in balancing their obligations and duties toward the patients, and their own right to safeguard self, family, and their clinical establishments.  The professional regulatory bodies and government have formulated new policies and amended laws to control the current situation. It is the need of the hour to be mindful of the existing laws and our rights and duties in the era of the current pandemic. Collaborative efforts are needed to provide the best possible care in the current unpredictable environment. The commonly encountered problems and their possible solutions are needed to be discussed in the context of the medical-legal framework applicable to Indian medical practitioners and people.

The theme deals with the right to health & health care medical profession law and ethics.


The theme aims to offer a reflection on the medico-legal issues. The theme also seeks to deepen the intellectual roots by exploring the possibilities and research areas in the legal areas of the medical field. It does not confine the term ethics to be only applicable in cases of medical negligence but also looks into a broad sense and takes into consideration the evolving field of medical science as well as the areas which deal with emerging trends in health care, medications, types of therapies, etc. It also aims to the role of forensic science in the field of the criminal justice system. The targeted group for the call includes professionals from the legal and medical fields, judges academicians legal practitioners research scholars, and students. The work of the author(s) must represent a new idea or contribution to the jurisprudence of the topic. Arguments must be logical and backed by facts.


There are countless topics to explore for research in the presented theme, but keeping in mind the current subject-matters of discussion on the medico-legal issues and ethics, we have divided our theme into the following sub-themes:

  • Medical Negligence amidst pandemic
  • Consumer Protection from the frauds such as health insurance frauds
  • Legislative frame with regard to the applicability of  forensic science in the criminal justice system.
  • Government Schemes specifically in relation with health care for the poor and the needy.
  • Challenges encountered and solutions adopted in the fields of  Criminal Investigation using Forensics.
  • Medico-Legal Issues amidst the Pandemic
  • Issues faced by the poor sections of  the society in the presence of  numerous Government Schemes.
  • Safety of Health Care Professionals amongst Pandemic

The author may go beyond these sub-themes but ensure that subjectivity doesn’t change.

Submission Guidelines

  • The author may choose one or more sub-themes for his/her manuscript.
  • The article should be an original work of the author and neither published nor under consideration for publication in any other journal or blog. The work must not be plagiarised.
  • Co-authorship (limited to 2 authors) is allowed.
  • The Word Limit for, Articles: 2500-3500 words; Case Notes: 1000-2000 words; Book Review: 1500-2500 words; Blog: 1000-1500 words. Manuscripts above the prescribed word limit shall not be considered as a general rule, except under special circumstances subject to the sole discretion of the Editorial Board. In case author(s) want(s) to roll out a series of blogs, the decision on the word limit shall be taken by editorial board accordingly.
  • All submissions should be typed in font Times New Roman with heading size 14, font size 12, line spacing 1.5′; justified.
  • The submissions should be made online in a MS Word format document to: [email protected] mentioning the details of the author(s), the category of the manuscript and the sub-theme(s).
  • The submission should have the first page in the same format as provided in the submission guidelines (refer the last page).

Citation Format

A Uniform System of  Citation is to be followed for citation. All endnotes must be in Times New Roman, font size 10, single-spacing, and justified text. The author may use hyperlinks wherever possible.


The last date for all the submissions will be 25th September 2021.

Contact Details

In the case of any queries, contact at: [email protected]

Student Coordinators

Arpit Sanjar – 7440480281 |  Sagar Rai – 9753083908


Call For Blogs by Vidhi Mitra, the Legal Aid cell of DNLU - The Law Communicants

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Call For Blogs, Vidhi Mitra, DNLU


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