Aarohan: National Moot Court Competition

Justice Sabyasachi Mukharji Memorial National Moot Court Competition, 2021 at aarohan by Brainware University

About Brainware University

Brainware University Kolkata, a part of a 32-year-old leading education group, Brainware of West Bengal started with the aim of contributing to nation-building through research, innovation, and quality education. It is the brainchild of Mr. Phalguni Mookhopadhayay, its hands-on chancellor, whose acumen and vision have transformed Brainware University into one of the best crucibles.

The Law School of the esteemed University was incepted in the year 2019, the School offers a 5-year B.B.A LL.B Programme & a 3-year LL.B Programme & an LL.M Programme. The first major mooting achievement of the Law School came in the year 2020 with the First batch from B.B.A LL.B qualifying to the semi-finals in the Techno India University National Moot Court Competition & winning the 3rd place runners-up trophy. The School of Law has ever since encouraged students to participate in various competitions.

About AAROHAN, 2021

The Flagship law fest was organized by the Brainware University – School of Law. The Fest is organized through the cooperation of 3 committees of the School of Law, namely – the Moot Court Committee, The Debate Committee & the Event Management Committee. The Fest strives to bring together esteemed academic institutions by means of participation in the grand competitions, through budding camaraderie among students as well as academicians along with networking opportunities with eminent personalities in numerous professions. The Fest shall comprise of two competitions, namely – Justice Sabyasachi Mukharji Memorial National Moot Court Competition, 2021 in collaboration with Economic Laws Practice – Advocates & Solicitors & Justice P. N. Bhagwati Memorial National Debate Competition, 2021.

Aarohan is Sanskrit for Ascent or Ascension. Aarohan is the reality of life which signifies the growth of one’s self – a journey towards Legal Excellence & signifies evolution. Excellence in terms of legal acumen, argumentation skills, &
research skills.

Important Dates

  • The Last Date for Registration is on 5th of November, 2021
  • The Moot Proposition & the Debate Topic shall be released on 7th of November, 2021(The wide theme of the Proposition shall be Commercial Law.)
  • The Inauguration & Preliminary Rounds will be on 19th of December, 2021
  • The Semi Finals & Finals will be on 20th of December, 2021

Guidelines for Registration

  • The Registration Fee is Rs. 900 /- for each team for both the competitions.
  • The Fees is to be paid at the following account details:

Bank Name: ICICI Bank
Account Holders’ Name – Brainware University
Account No. – 082401002936
Account Type – Savings
IFS Code – ICIC0000824
Branch Name – Barasat

  • The Screenshot of the money receipt of the payment needs to be attached in the form.
  • The form will accept only one response from one team.
  • Registration Form Link: https://forms.gle/c52Uxjpokrk9Q96K6
Aarohan: National Moot Court Competition - The Law Communicants
Registration Link


  • Justice Sabyasachi Mukharji Memorial National Moot Court Competition, 2021 has the following prizes:
    • Winning Team – Rs. 5,000
    • Runners Up – Rs. 3,000
    • Best Speaker – Rs. 1,000
    • Best Memorial – Rs. 1,000

About Justice Sabyasachi Mukharji Memorial National Moot Court Competition, 2021

In memoriam of Late Hon’ble Chief Justice of India Mr. Sabyasachi Mukharji, Brainware University – School of Law Moot Court Committee under the umbrella of the law fest titled AAROHAN is organizing the Justice Sabyasachi Mukharji Memorial National Moot Court Competition, 2021 in collaboration with Economic Laws Practice – Advocates & Solicitors with aims of promoting & nurturing camaraderie among students of the Legal realm & to enable them to excel in the tools of the trade – namely, argumentation skills, research skills & being able to think on their feet.

Hon’ble Mr. Mukharji’s legal experience spanned over four decades. He was a lawyer in London after graduating with Honours in Economics from Calcutta University in 1946. He had been elected as the General Secretary of the Indian Socialist Group from 1948 to 1949. On his return from London in 1949, Hon’ble Mr. Mukharji was appointed to the Calcutta High Court. In 1982, he was appointed member of the Government’s Finance Commission. He became a member of the Supreme Court in April 1983 and in the same year was appointed Chief Justice of the Calcutta High Court. Only fifteen days after his appointment as acting Chief Justice of the Calcutta High Court, he was appointed a judge of the Supreme Court of India. Six years later, on Dec. 18, 1989, he was appointed as the 20th Chief Justice of India. A celebrated career, a beloved man with a penchant for diplomatic decisions & statements.

Rules & Regulations for the Moot Court Competition

Article 1. Memorial Formatting

  1. Cover Page – Blue for the Prosecution side & Red for the Defence side. (The TEAM CODE should be written at the Top-Right Corner of every Memorial).
  2. Table of Contents
  3. Index of Authorities
  4. List of Abbreviations
  5. Statement of Jurisdiction
  6. Statement of Facts
  7. Issues Raised
  8. Summary of Arguments
  9. Arguments Advanced
  10. Praye

Article 2. Other Formatting Guidelines

  1. Font – Times New Roman
  2. Font Size(s) – 12 (Body), 16 (Headings), 14 (Sub-Headings), (10 Footnotes)
  3. Line Spacing – 1.5 (Body), 1.0 (Footnotes)
  4. Footnoting Style – Bluebook 20th Edition
  5. The page limit of the memorials is 40 pages, with a maximum allotted page
    limit for the arguments advanced being 30 pages

Article 3. Dress Code

  1. For Males – Black Shoes, Black Trousers, Black Blazer, White Shirt, Black Tie.
  2. For Females – Black Shoes, Black Trousers/Skirts/Salwars, Black Blazer, White Shirt, Black Tie.

Article 4. Audio-visual Guidelines

  1. The Cameras of all the participants need to be turned on at all times.
  2. Only the participants speaking at the given time should have their Microphones unmuted.
  3. Screens can be shared as per the discretion of the Judges, but no extra time shall be allotted for the setting up of the same, or any issues with the same.
  4. Any Inordinate Delays as well as failure to conform with the above guidelines
    will attract penalizations – upto the discretion of the MCC.

Article 5. Time Allotment

  1. 20 mins allotted for oral submissions to each team
  2. One speaker can speak for a maximum of 11 minutes
  3. Extra time for rebuttals – 4 minutes & sur-rebuttals – 3 minutes shall be granted
  4. Extra time of 10 minutes shall be allotted for questioning by the judges
  5. Totalling to 57 mins each round maximum not subject to any extension whatsoever

Article 6. Rounds

  1. There shall be Preliminary Rounds – the point accrued from which shall be calculated for purposes of qualifying to the semi finals.
  2. There shall be Semi-Finals among four teams qualifying from the total points accumulated from the preliminary rounds summed up with the points accumulated from the memorial scrutiny.
  3. There shall be a Final in which the sole points accumulated from the oral rounds shall decide the winner.

Article 7. Teams

  1. Each team shall consist of minimum 2 members (both being speakers) or maximum of 3 members (2 speakers & 1 researcher)
  2. More than 1 team can participate from 1 academic institution

Article 8. Scoring Criteria for Oral Rounds

Sl. No. Criterion Maximum Point Allotment
1. Court Mannerism & Demeanor 10
2. Application of the Law upon the Matters at Hand with Clarity 20
3. Interpretation of the Facts & Issues 20
4. Argumentation Skills 30
5. Response to Questions 20

Article 9. Scoring Criteria for Memorial Scrutiny

Sl. No. Criterion Maximum Point Allotment
1. Understanding of Facts & Issues 20
2. Interpretation & Application of the Laws Clarity of Thought 30
3. Research Done – Precision & Accuracy 20
4. Originality 10
5. Nature & Efficiency of Claims Sought 20

Article 10. Miscellaneous

  1. The Debate Committee reserves the rights to add or omit rules mentioned above or to modify them for the smooth processing of debate competition, but that will be intimated to the team within reasonable time.
  2. In case of any discrepancy, the decision of the debate committee will be final.

Article 11. Anti-scouting & Anti-coaching Regulations

  1. No teams or team members will be allowed to observe other team members as long as they are still in the competition. I.e. unless eliminated, no team can spectate another teams’ proceeding.
  2. No Coaches/Teachers/Mentors are allowed inside Court-Rooms except without prior permission from the MCC.

Article 12. Submission Guidelines

  1. One final submission of memorials is acceptable from all teams.
  2. The submission should be done at bwu.mootsociety@brainwareuniversity.ac.in
  3. The memorials should be submitted both in .pdf as well as .docx format.

Moot Court Committee Contact Details

Academic Body

Chairperson – Dr. Kaushik Banerjee (kb.mgmt@brainwareuniversity.ac.in / hod.law@brainwareuniversity.ac.in)

Academic Body Sr. Member – Mrs. Krishna Ghosh (kg.law@brainwareuniversity.ac.in)

Co-Conveners – Ms. Purbita Das (pd.law@brainwareuniversity.ac.in)
Ms. Satavisha Haldar (sh.law@brainwareuniversity.ac.in)

Student Body

Student Convener & Departmental Representative – Mr. Mridutpal Bhattacharyya (B.B.A LL.B 2019 Student) (bwubbl19020@brainwareuniversity.ac.in) Contact Number – +91 8336929332

Mr. Ankur Mukherjee (B.B.A LL.B 2019 Student) (bwubbl19001@brainwareuniveristy.ac.in)

Mr. Joy Sharma (LL.B 2020 Student) (bwullb20006@brainwareuniversity.ac.in)


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